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NavCoin NavCoin (NAV)

0.083443 USD (-4.87%)
0.00001021 BTC (-3.14%)

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5,542,560 USD
678 BTC
Volumen (24 Std)
80,422 USD
9.84 BTC
66,422,939 NAV
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NavCoin Märkte

# Quelle Paar Volumen (24 Std) Preis Volumen (%) Kategorie Gebührenart Aktualisiert
1 Binance NAV/BTC $66,974 $0.083371 83.28% Spot Percentage Kürzlich
2 Bittrex NAV/BTC $6,009 $0.084106 7.47% Spot Percentage Kürzlich
3 Binance NAV/ETH $2,654 $0.083485 3.30% Spot Percentage Kürzlich
4 Upbit NAV/BTC $2,055 $0.083616 2.55% Spot Percentage Kürzlich
5 Binance NAV/BNB $1,600 $0.083414 1.99% Spot Percentage Kürzlich
6 Poloniex NAV/BTC $1,125 $0.083861 1.40% Spot Percentage Kürzlich
7 Crex24 NAV/BTC $5 $0.083943 0.01% Spot Percentage Kürzlich
8 NAV/EUR ** $582 * $0.083765 0.00% Spot Percentage Kürzlich
* Preis ausgeschlossen
** Ausgeschlossenes Volumen
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Über NavCoin

NavCoin (NAV) is an open-source and decentralised Proof-of-Stake Version 3 (PoSv3) cryptocurrency that aims to provide affordable and fast digital payments with a focus on privacy and simplicity. Self-funded by a community of volunteers, NavCoin launched in April 2014 with no Initial Coin Offering (ICO) or pre-mine. Volunteers can propose contributions and get paid for work through NavCoin’s decentralised Community Fund (CF).

With the CF’s dual consensus mechanism, the funding of a passed proposal will be locked while waiting for its work to be completed and then paid out if the quorum is met. Examples of CF proposals include, the NEXT wallet, the implementation of ZeroCT (a privacy protocol), and the time when NAV became a carbon-neutral cryptocurrency. NavCoin has also added support for OpenAlias (, Cold Staking to the NavCoin protocol, and released NavPay, a light wallet to store and spend NAV from a mobile device.

To find out more about NavCoin, please visit

Statistiken (NavCoin)
Preis (NavCoin) 0.083443 USD
ROI (NavCoin) +1873.00%
Marktrang #418
Marktkapitalisierung 5,542,560 USD
Volumen (24 h) 80,422 USD
Umlaufversorgung 66,422,939 NAV
Gesamtversorgung 66,422,939 NAV
Maximale Versorgung Keine Daten
Allzeithoch 5.53 USD
(7. Jan. 2018)
Allzeittief 0.000511 USD
(31. Okt. 2014)
52-Wochen Hoch / Tief 0.529463 USD /
0.082448 USD
90-Tage Hoch / Tief 0.206218 USD /
0.082448 USD
30-Tage Hoch / Tief 0.121390 USD /
0.082448 USD
7-Tage Hoch / Tief 0.107440 USD /
0.082967 USD
24-Stunden Hoch / Tief 0.088494 USD /
0.082967 USD
Hoch / Tief (Gestern) 0.089053 USD /
0.083178 USD
Eröffnungs-/Schlusskurs (Gestern) 0.088455 USD /
0.084870 USD
Änderung (Gestern) $-0.003585 USD (-4.05%)
Volumen (Gestern) $86,824 USD

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