What's CoinMarketCap Been Up To? A Look Back at the Year so Far

What's CoinMarketCap Been Up To? A Look Back at the Year so Far

2 years ago

This may not have been the easiest year for cryptocurrency so far, but that doesn't mean that it hasn't been an adventure!

What's CoinMarketCap Been Up To? A Look Back at the Year so Far

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CoinMarketCap Q2 Recap

Crypto investors might feel that they were riding a roller coaster in Q2 2021 😅. In mid-April, Bitcoin hit an all-time high in price, Ethereum then caught up in May and the total market cap also reached its ATH on the same day. 

However, everything has cooled down again in the second half of the quarter and BTC is now down to the lowest price since this bull run began. There has also been a new meme coin heat wave, with tokens being named after all sorts of dog breeds and animals receiving attention from investors. 

While the crypto market experienced ATH craziness and investors and laypeople alike began chasing these little meme cuties around, the CoinMarketCap team has also been crazily busy in providing you with a better experience and more useful tools. Have you noticed all the enhancements we’ve done? Let’s have a look!

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The CoinMarketCap Website 

We made some bold moves in Q2 2021 by creating more projects to showcase the ongoing mass adoption of cryptocurrency. Prior to Q2, we had built up some basic foundations for the site, and now it was time for us to go deeper and wider. 

CoinMarketCap's homepage as of July 15, 2021 — remember this for posterity!

We’ve accomplished a few important milestones, including:

1. NFT listing page: The NFT mania started in Q1 2021, and although we have NFT-related token listings already on CoinMarketCap, it's also very important to display NFT asset rankings so that you can have a brief idea of the entire NFT landscape.
2. Project event calendar: While you are researching investment opportunities, having a centralized place for catching up with all major events from projects is essential. Maybe you want to join AMAs to learn more about a project, or to know in advance what’s going to happen for projects you care about — all these facets are important to follow and watch out for in the crypto space.
3. ICO calendar and the ICO information: ICOs (initial coin offering) or IDOs (initial DEX offering) are significant in getting the first-mover adventage for crypto investors. With more information displayed for a project and their initial offering, all the data and information presented can be a major source of important information. We also added some useful information like token distribution schedule and % allocated (for limited projects), holders’ information and the rich list of a project. All in all, we want you to make better decisions from the different data sets we provide.
4. Fiat vs crypto ranking and company vs crypto ranking: Have you ever wondered how crypto can be compared with fiat currencies or the biggest companies in the world? The new rankings provide you an interesting comparison for different kinds of assets, and might also help you to make some investment decisions!
5. Price estimation: There have been all kinds of different methods for estimating the price of cryptocurrencies, but none of them are 100% accurate and it’s usually hard to understand the algorithm behind these numbers. Instead of us scratching our heads to figure out the methodology, we think all of our users have more intelligence than us, and with the power of crowdsourced knowledge we might be able to make a good prediction of how the crypto trends will go.
6. Airdrop calendar and airdrop campaigns: An airdrop is a unique activity happening frequently in the crypto world. As we have been in contact with thousands of projects, and millions of users, we thought it would be cool if we could bridge the gap between projects and users, and provide a platform for our users to access all these benefits much easier. 
7. Heatmap: We know that lots of our users are very busy and only have limited time to glance at the market most of the time. Our coin rankings are good, but not something instinctively easy to get a sense of price moves. Our new heatmap is prepared for this kind of user who can easily judge the market from the red/ green on the graphic! We know it’s hard to see the screen all in red but it indeed feels good when the heatmap is all green for some good days!
8. Portfolio enhancement: You asked and we listened! Ever since we released our portfolio feature, lots of users have given us feedback that they want to have more advanced features available. One of them is the ability to host multiple portfolios on CoinMarketCap! We made it happen for you! Now with a few clicks, you can have different portfolios for various purposes.
9. Token swap: To connect the dots in crypto adoption, one very important factor is the easiness of fund movements. We started by providing you the ability to connect to your wallets and make swaps on Uniswap and PancakeSwap, but stay tuned, this is just a start of everything and more will be coming!
10. Loyalty program - CoinMarketCap Diamonds: We also know that we have a large group of users who like us and grow with us. No matter if you have been with us for a long time, or you are new here, we are always grateful and want to thank you for accompanying us. From now on when you come to our site, don’t forget to collect diamonds and in the very near future, there will be some exciting rewards you can exchange your diamonds with.
11, Guess which country will make crypto a legal tender next: El Salvador just recently passed the law to recognize Bitcoin as legal tender — the first country in the world to do so. We are all very excited about this news and we believe there could be more countries following El Salvador. We want to know more about how you think and made a small guessing tournament for it! Come join us to predict and chances to win more diamonds too!!

Apart from these new features, we are also aiming to provide more stable and reliable services across our different products. To prepare for this, we’ve invested a huge amount of resources in rewriting the APIs/ engines behind the scenes, and gradually replacing the old ones with higher performance APIs all around the site.

CoinMarketCap Academy

If you haven’t yet see CoinMarketCap Academy — now is your chance to check out our combination of Google/Wikipedia/Investopedia rolled into one for all your crypto and blockchain knowledge needs. We will take the chance here to highlight some of our favorite articles throughout this past quarter.
How to Mint an NFT: A very timely article! Not only do you need to know how to buy an NFT, but what if you want to make one yourself?
The Beginner’s Guide to ERC-20 Tokens and Addresses: Another timely piece — nothing is more important than understanding the basic workings of the Ethereum ecosystem!
What Is Dollar-Cost Averaging?: While we can’t give investment advice, we can tell you to check out this article on this rather handy investment trick that lets you (for the most part) beat market volatility every time. 
And….we also launched a podcast this quarter! Check out CoinMarketRecap where you get your podcasts — and make sure to leave us a nice review!

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New Marketing Initiatives

Q2 has been an exciting time for the CoinMarketCap marketing team. We launched the following campaigns, and we look forward to more events and airdrops for Q3!

  • Learn & Earn: This quarter, we continued our product where users can learn about projects and earn project tokens. For Q2, we did Learn & Earn projects for: PlasmaFinance, REVV and TheForceTrade.
  • Airdrops Program: The newly launched airdrop program has been quite hot. We’ve conducted airdrops for more than 50 projects. Simply follow the project’s Twitter/Telegram and get airdrops!
  • Telegram AirdropsOn a smaller scale, we also launched USDT airdrops on Telegram. All you have to do is leave a message on Telegram to get USDT airdrops.
  • Influencer Program: You can now join the CoinMarketCap family by becoming our official “influencer”! CoinMarketCap officially recognizes the great crypto content you produce.
  • Hero Program: You can also join the CoinMarketCap family by volunteering your service. We are looking for “CoinMarketCap Heroes” who are looking to change the world.
  • Watchlist Events: You can now win USDT airdrops just by creating a watchlist/portfolio, or by predicting the price of Bitcoin!

CoinMarketCap’s Mobile App

The CoinMarketCap website isn’t the only thing that saw lots of updates in Q2 — the CoinMarketCap mobile app has become even more useful for checking the prices of crypto and more, right from your pocket.

1. Homepage Customization

In order to create a more personalized app experience, we introduced homepage customization. Now you can customize your homepage with the information that is most important to you! Add, remove or reorder various sections to give your app a unique look and feel. 

2. Android Widgets

We added widgets to our Android app. The app currently supports three widget types in a variety of size options.

  • Bitcoin: Track Bitcoin price and market data. You can customize the widget to track any coin or token.
  • Top Coins: Displays the top coins by market capitalization.
  • Watchlist: Quickly check the prices of your favorite coins on your phone's home screen using our watchlist widget.

3. Academy

We brought all of our great content from Academy to our mobile apps. Now, users can find new articles on all of the latest trending topics in the crypto space, whether that is a new way of buying NFTs, the latest in yield farming or the hottest projects listed on CoinMarketCap. The mobile app’s Academy section gives you the chance to be the most informed about just about everything happening in the crypto space.

4. Share the app with friends!

Now you can share the CoinMarketCap app with your friends by clicking “Share the CoinMarketCap App” on your app’s settings page. Quickly copy and paste the link into a text message or email to spread the word about the crypto revolution!

5. To further our mission of showcasing the crypto revolution to the world, we translated our apps into three new languages!

  • French
  • Dutch
  • Russian

More languages are coming soon!

Other App Updates

Keeping an eye on ETH gas? Check our global metrics tab for up to date ETH network data.

We also added new sections on the Sectors tab for the Solana and Heco ecosystems. Use these pages to track the trending tokens in each sector and the largest sectors by market cap.

We hope to see you soon, checking out all our new features on CoinMarketCap!

And a thanks to our users…

We know that you mainly used to check our site to see Bitcoin’s price — but we’ve grown so much more than that! From our learn and earn campaigns, to our educational articles, to fun additions like our predictions and airdrops, and our ever-growing mobile app, we at CoinMarketCap want to thank all of our users for growing along with us. 

The crypto industry is more than just price, and we hope that you’ll be by us as we continue to highlight the growing crypto adoption and showcase the cryptocurrency revolution!

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