How to Play Plant vs Undead (PVU)? A Step-by-Step Guide
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How to Play Plant vs Undead (PVU)? A Step-by-Step Guide

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A step-by-step guide to one of the most popular free play-to-earn blockchain game, Plant vs Undead (PVU), where your plants fight the undead to protect your land.

How to Play Plant vs Undead (PVU)? A Step-by-Step Guide

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What Is Plant vs Undead (PVU) and How to Play It?

People may see some similarities between Plant vs Undead and Plants vs Zombies. The NFT-oriented game is a spin-off of Plants vs Zombies, borrowing several elements that make this game so great and addictive. If you have played Plants vs Zombies, you will easily get the hang of Plant vs Undead. The concept is roughly the same, as are the upgrades that players can collect or acquire later on. 
In Plant vs Undead, players need to build an army of plants in their gardens to take out the undead monsters. They can spread their plants across the field in whichever formation they want and attack the Undead as they keep crossing the field. Although some opponents can travel to the other side, the feature is often limited. Staying under that limit is crucial to score a victory in the game. 
In this guide, we will explore the gardening mechanics of Plant vs Undead discussing why certain types matter, how to water your garden, and what rewards you can expect. Before diving into that, lets discuss the contribution of this game into the play-to-earn and GameFi universe.

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Plant vs Undead (PVU): A Valuable Addition to the Play-to-Earn and GameFi sectors

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have triggered a revolution in the video games industry. Empowering players by giving them complete control over in-game assets is a significant development. As a result, the blockchain industry has given rise to many play-to-earn games where users have opportunities to earn real-life money. Plant Vs Undead is such a game in the GameFi industry, where all in-game assets can be traded or sold on its native marketplace. 
The game revolves around seeds and plants, which you can buy from the Marketplace using the native PVU token. There is no upfront fee required, making it a free-to-play play-to-earn blockchain game

Plant vs Undead Token (PVU) to PHP (Philippine Peso)

Plant vs Undead has gained a lot of attention in the Philippines. Since the game offers rewards that can not only be used in its built-in marketplace but also be traded on multiple exchanges for FIAT or other cryptocurrencies.

PVU to PHP converter

At the time of writing, 1 PVU is equal to 502.18 PHP. 

For more accurate conversion rates, please check out CoinMarketCap’s live Plant vs Undead Token to PHP converter.

How to Play Plant vs Undead?

In the current version of Plant vs Undead, players can experiment with the farming mode. It revolves around plating seeds, watering the farm, and collecting Light Energy resources.
These Light Energy (LE) can be converted into the native PVU token and traded on various decentralized exchanges (DEX). LE is earned by harvesting seeds or performing the daily quest, which involves watering plants of other players. The Farm mechanic is in its second iteration to create a more engaging experience.

Starting Your Farming Journey

There are several steps to complete before you begin your farming journey in Plant vs Undead. 

Step 1: Acquire Five PVU Tokens

The first objective for Plant vs Undead players is to acquire five PVU tokens. You can complete this step by using PancakeSwap. 

Becoming a gardener in Plant Vs. Undead requires a balance of five PVU tokens or more. You can use MetaMask to complete this step with ease. 

Step 2: Add Some BNB Tokens

It may seem strange, but users need a bit of BNB (Binance Coin) in their wallets. 
This BNB is used for gas fees when playing the game, as Plant vs Undead is native to the Binance Smart Chain.
Although fees are minimal, keeping a small amount of BNB in your wallet is crucial. 

Step 3: Plant vs Undead Login

Once the funding is secured, head over to the Plant vs Undead Marketplace and navigate to the Farm section.
You will be asked to connect your MetaMask wallet, which involves a few mouse clicks.
If you encounter an error, do not panic as the game is still in the beta testing phase. One of its features involves a "batch scheduling system" where players are assigned batches. Every batch can only play during specific hours. 

Although you will see a timer as to when you can play, it may not match your time zone or preferences. Although the developers are working on various improvements, that is the downside to the game in its current form. 

Once you can enter the game, the real fun begins!

Step 4: From PVU To Light Energy

The five PVU - or more - you obtained earlier need to be converted to Light Energy (LE). All tools and seeds in the Farm Mode require LE, rather than PVU, to be purchase.

You will see a blue swap button in the upper right of the screen. Click the button and convert PVU to LE

Step 5: Acquire Free Land Plots

All Plant vs Undead players receive free plots. There is one Mother Tree and five plant slots. Your objective is to plant Sunflowers.

Claiming the Land is done by using the "Land" tab in the Farm section.

Step 6. Acquire Some Tools

Visit the Shop - the pink button on the left of the screen - to start buying farming tools. 

Every sunflower requires one small pot and one set of water, which can be used a maximum of 100 times.
It may be worth purchasing a scarecrow to farm LE every day

All tools cost small amounts of LE, so plan your purchases carefully. 

Make sure to click the buy button only once, even if nothing seems to happen right away. The server may experience a minor lag, therefore, clicking the button multiple times will result in multiple purchases. 

Step 7: Get Sunflower Seeds

In the Shop section, you will see a "Sunflower" tab. Click it to purchase sunflower seeds. 

Buying a Sunflower Sapling for 100 LE will net you 250 LE after three days. The Sunflower Mama costs 200 LE but rewards 850 LE after six days. Gambling with the Sun Box is an option, as it offers some fascinating rewards:

  • A 30% chance to receive 100x water and 20x scarecrows
  • A 30% chance to receive 2x small pots
  • A 30% chance to receive 1x Sunflower Sapling
  • A 9.9% chance to receive 1x Sunflower Mama
  • A 0.1% chance to receive 1x seed

Whether those odds are worth the gamble is a personal decision. 

Step 8: Start Planting and Watering Sunflowers

After buying seeds and watering tools, we can move on to planting sunflowers!

Navigate to the Land tab, select an available plot. Go to the sunflower tab and select your preferred plant. 

Afterward, navigate to the farm tab where you will find a "add pot to start farming" option.

Click the plant slot and hit the "Use" button.

Players need to water their plant two times by using the watering can icon twice. 

Step 9: Explore Other Farms

As part of the daily quest, you can tend other players' plants. Your sunflowers will take a few days to mature before LE can be harvested.

Watering a plant can yield a Sunflower Sapling, although the chances are rather low:

  • If the water count ranges between 0–19, there is a 10% chance to get 1x Sunflower Sapling.
  • If the water count ranges between 20–39, there is a 9% chance to get 1x Sunflower Sapling.
  • If the water count ranges between 40–59, there is an 8% chance to get 1x Sunflower Sapling.
  • If the water count ranges between 60–79, there is a 7% chance to get 1x Sunflower Sapling.
  • If the water count ranges between 80–99, there is a 6% chance to get 1x Sunflower Sapling.
  • If the water count ranges between 100 or higher, there will never be a Sapling drop.

Click on the Plant slot to water plants and hit the "Use" button next to the watering can icon.

Crows may appear on the plot that must be scared off with a scarecrow to have a 10% chance at two Sunflower Saplings

You can water other players' plants up to 15 times per day for a 50 LE reward and scare off crows a maximum of five times a day. 

Step 10: The LE Harvesting

After a few days have passed and sunflowers have matured, you can harvest Light Energy.

Navigate to your farm and harvest sunflowers one by one, or use the "Harvest All" button on the right. 

After collecting LE, you can "Remove" the land plot and repeat the cycle with a different plant.

Plant vs Undead Review 

Plant vs Undead is a game that offers versatility. its Farm mode, which recently received an overhaul, will keep players engaged to earn energy and PVU tokens. Moreover, the option to acquire free land is a powerful aspect to get new players excited about this play-to-earn solution. 

The main game mode of the game isn’t available yet. However, the team is working on it to make it available sooner. Fans of Plants vs Zombies will get the hang of Plant vs Undead relatively quickly, lowering the barriers to entry. Moreover, the future PvE and PvP modes add a competitive element to the game to keep players on their toes. 

As players control their in-game Plant vs Undead assets with the help of NFT technology, there is a way to make money by playing video games. That paradigm can be a game-changer in developing countries, but can also make a crucial difference in the rest of the world.  As Plant vs Undead can be players by people of all ages, it can help the play-to-earn ecosystem gain more attention. 

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