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PLAYA3ULL GAMES is a Web3 gaming publisher that aims to build high-quality games designed by experienced developers.


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The crypto industry is once again starting to turn its gaze towards Web3 gaming, the sector that showed so much promise during the 2021 cycle, when Axie Infinity kickstarted the play-to-earn meta. However, as the bear market hit, games continued to underdeliver in terms of entertainment and sustainable token emissions.
It’s 2024 and a whole new generation of GameFi projects are here, ready to reach for Axie Infinity-like riches. As we’ve seen with the hyped Heroes of Mavia and Pixels launches last week, it’s game on again for crypto gaming, with real interest and real money pouring back in.
One such project is PLAYA3ULL GAMES. This gaming publisher is building a suite of crypto-integrated games centered around its own Avalanche Subnet and powered by its utility token, $3ULL.
Read on to learn more about what PLAYA3ULL GAMES is, the team behind the project, the token, its utility cases, their master nodes, and more. Also, find out how you can qualify for the $3ull airdrop currently live on CoinMarketCap!

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PLAYA3ULL GAMES is a Web3 gaming publisher that combines PC games with cryptocurrency. Their goal is to build high-quality games designed by experienced developers that incorporate NFTs, cryptocurrency rewards, and opportunities for decentralized community ownership.

It’s building an ecosystem to support decentralized gaming experiences. At the core is an Avalanche Subnet blockchain that provides security, scalability, and speed - making it ideal for gaming.

This is complemented by a Master Node Network that powers decentralized indexing and storage solutions to facilitate efficient blockchain interactions. Together, this robust framework aims to meet the unique demands of crypto-integrated games.

Each PLAYA3ULL GAMES will have an associated DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) to advise development and be informed by community input. Games will also onboard metaverse elements where players can purchase virtual land and assets.

This gamer-first approach aims to give players more influence and ability to contribute to the games they care about.

What Is the $3ULL Token?

$3ULL Coin  ($3ULL) is the utility token built on the Avalanche Subnet which powers the PLAYA3ULL GAMES marketplace and ecosystem. It will be used for earnings, incentives, and transactions across PLAYA3ULL GAMES.

Read the PLAYA3ULL GAMES whitepaper here

$3ULL Tokenomics

There is a fixed maximum supply of 50 billion $3ULL tokens which will be reached over time. At the time of writing (24 February 2024), only 4.7 billion tokens are circulating, for a total market cap of $24 million and a fully diluted value (FDV) of $255 million.

PLAYA3ULL GAMES network of up to 50,000 master nodes generate 13,698,630 new $3ULL coins daily. These nodes receive and distribute new token emissions, with 50% going to node operators and 50% going to PLAYA3ULL GAMES to fund operations, acquire new games and support current titles. This predictable issuance provides master node holders with the ability to earn yields on their $3ULL holdings.

As more games come online that utilize $3ULL for in-game rewards and transactions, demand for the token may increase. The company also plans to list $3ULL on major exchanges.

The gaming project aims to make $3ULL deflationary over time and keep it under 50 billion tokens. Its Treasury Manager will send 10% of ecosystem earnings such as Marketplace Fees and First Party NFT Sales to a burn address in order to reduce the total coins in circulation.

What Is the Utility of $3ULL?

1. Transactions - Powers transactions and operations on the PLAYA3ULL GAMES main network, including gas fees and node payouts.

2. Monetization - Used for NFT sales and microtransactions within PLAYA3ULL GAMES

3. HODL- $3ULL tokens can be staked in a HODL competition to earn rewards and prizes without any lockup requirements

4. NEXUS Skin Rewards - Holding 1 million+ tokens grants access to exclusive cosmetic skins in Nexus game

5. Marketplace Trading - Enables buying, selling and trading of in-game items on the PLAYA3ULL GAMES Marketplace

6. Customizable PFP - Can be used to create customized and personalized 3ULL profile pictures (PFPs)

7. V13 Membership - Owning a 3ULL (VI3) Membership requires staking 10,000 $3ULL tokens, and will unlock special ecosystem privileges and benefits

8. Node Earnings - Node ownership provides opportunities to earn yields and participate in network governance

9. Community Engagement - Users will participate in exciting activities such as events giveaways, contests and more to qualify for $3ULL rewards.


PLAYA3ULL GAMES was founded by Jonathan Bouzanquet (Chief Strategy Officer), Jethro Bouzanquet (Gamefi Designer), Samuel Bouzanquet (Game Architect) and Amanda Bouzanquet (Chief Marketing Officer).

  • Michael Hanlon - Chief Executive Officer
  • Sam Thompson - Chief Technology Officer
  • Nicholas Terzi - Director of Game Development
  • Ben Seccombe - Global Marketing Director
  • Jourdan Haines - Senior Software Engineer
  • Bruno - Game Operations


PLAYA3ULL GAMES has a slew of fun Web3 games in the pipeline, starting with Nexus, which is already out since September 2023 and can be played here. 

All of the games below are designed by published by PLAYA3ULL GAMES.

NEXUS (3rd person shooter)

NEXUS is a MOBA play-to-earn shooter built on Unreal Engine 5. Players craft weapons and abilities to build custom characters. The goal is to defend your Nexus at all costs in 5v5 matches. Abilities can be equipped and swapped to adapt your playstyle against opponents. There are no pay-to-win elements.

DOGS OF WAR (Survival) - Launch TBA

DOGS OF WAR is a survival game featuring unique human-canine hybrid characters. Inspired by games like DayZ and Rust, it focuses on survival against the elements and PVP conflict. Players can collect NFTs to trade on the PLAYA3ULL marketplace for $3ULL earnings. Competitions also allow earning 3ULL rewards.

WAR OF STEEL (Battle Royale) - Launch TBA

WAR OF STEEL is a fast-paced battle royale game taking less than 30 minutes per round. Players choose to play as one of three mechs with unique abilities and clash in explosive PVP battles. The map shrinks over time to force the remaining players together until only one player is left standing.

STARVIN MARTIAN (Farming Sim) - Launch TBA

STARVIN MARTIAN is a farming simulation game where players build their own empire and livelihood on Mars. Starting from nothing, smart decisions allow upgrading assets and earning NFT ownership. Competitions encourage finding optimal farming strategies, with $3ULL coin prizes for winners.

ORDINEM (Trading Card) - Launch TBA

ORDINEM is a PLAYA3ULL GAMES trading card game where players truly own their cards. Using cards grouped into five magical "orders", players cast spells, summon allies, make artifacts and use enchantments to defeat opponents. Players start with free base decks and can expand them by earning more cards through play or buying card packs with $3ULL.

How PLAYA3ULL GAMES Master Nodes Work

PLAYA3ULL is building a resilient decentralized network with a maximum number of 50,000 master nodes. These specialized server nodes are operated by supporters of the PLAYA3ULL GAMES ecosystem in order to earn new tokens each day. Node operators stake a set amount of $3ULL coins to qualify for operating a node.

Purchasing a PLAYA3ULL GAMES master node secures a license to operate a node rather than buying hardware directly. Node operators must provide their own hardware that meets minimum specifications.

PLAYA3ULL GAMES’ nodes start at $100 USD and increase by $100USD each time 100 nodes are sold. All node owners receive an equal split of the allocated $3ULL Coins daily. The cost of a master node currently is $6,600 and can yield you over 1000 $3ULL coins a day.

In return for providing computing resources to support the network, node owners receive daily payouts of newly minted $3ULL coins. Specifically, 50% of daily emissions are divided equally among all active master nodes. This offers individuals an opportunity to passively earn yields on their staked crypto holdings. The master node program activates in 3 stages:

Stage 1: Only the NFT license is required, which is verified by the smart contract distributing $3ULL coin rewards. No computing power necessary yet.

Stage 2: Basic node software must be downloaded as games begin launching. One computer can run multiple licenses. Computing power still not critical

Stage 3: All node software must run on dedicated computers to fully support blockchain operations. Node rewards should exceed computing and hardware costs.

CMC and $3ULL Airdrop (February 19 to March 11, 2024)

PLAYA3ULL GAMES is conducting a $3ULL token airdrop that will help drive awareness and adoption of its platform and bootstrap its ecosystem’s development. The airdrop has a total prize pool of 20 million $3ULL tokens, with 10,000 winners to be selected.

How To Participate in CMC and $3ULL Airdrop

To participate, users must take actions such as adding $3ULL to their CoinMarketCap watchlist, joining PLAYA3ULL GAMES community channels, and sharing social posts. Users will then need to fill out a registration form and provide a compatible wallet address to potentially receive airdropped tokens.

Check out this page for more details: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/playa3ull/#airdrop
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