A Deep Dive Into Infinity Pad
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A Deep Dive Into Infinity Pad

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The influencer-backed token launchpad that leverages DAO Maker's technology to make early-stage investments safer and more accessible.

A Deep Dive Into Infinity Pad

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The cryptocurrency market is widely considered to be one of extremes — it’s quite possible to generate incredible returns by playing it right but it’s equally possible to suffer shattering losses. 
Unfortunately, seizing all of the right opportunities can be a challenging task, particularly for novice investors and those still getting to grips with cryptocurrency investments. Distinguishing the genuinely promising projects from the disasters waiting to happen frequently comes with experience. 
Infinity Pad, a new launchpad built on Binance Smart Chain, is designed to expedite this process by providing early access to the tokens of a range of hand-selected projects built using blockchain technology. This is intended to help users to access opportunities without them needing to go through the – often costly – process of trial and error.

What is Infinity Pad (IPAD)?

Infinity Pad (IPAD) is a popular new platform built to provide an accessible and intuitive entry into the world of early-stage project launches. 
It’s designed to help the average cryptocurrency enthusiast and investor access deals that were previously only available to large VCs, hedge funds, incubators and other big players. It achieves this through a tier-based access system that sees users staking IPAD tokens to unlock a tier and become eligible for the whitelist for upcoming token sales. 
Launched in July 2021, Infinity Pad has grown to become one of the more popular launchpads primarily operating on Binance Smart Chain, with over 3,000 unique token holders. To date, the platform has hosted Strong Holder Offerings (SHOs) for several popular projects, including BaconDAO, Kryptomon, and Marnotaur, all of which were successful. 

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The platform was founded by a veteran team of influencers, including Pablo Heman, Infinity Gainz, Blockchain Boy, and Altcoin Sherpa. Notably, Pablo Heman and Blockchain Boy are the two top crypto Tik Tokers in terms of their average number of views.
Together, the Infinity Pad founders have notched up over 100 million combined views across their respective platforms, and have considerable influence in the blockchain space, which has helped them to secure top-tier launches for the platform. 

How Does Infinity Pad Work?

As a blockchain project launchpad, Infinity Pad curates promising new projects built on a variety of blockchains and allows its users to gain exposure to these projects at an early stage (e.g., on private or public sale terms). 
These projects are hand-picked by the Infinity Pad team based on their strengths, with a focus on quality over quantity. 
To participate, users first need to create an account and to complete KYC, after which they are able to connect their Web 3.0 wallet and stake their IPAD tokens to participate in a specific tier. They are then able to whitelist for each project and to participate in a random draw that determines if they have secured one of the limited number of allocation slots.
There are currently five tiers, distinguished by the amount of IPAD staked:

Tier 5: 25,000 - 50,000 IPAD
Tier 4: 50,000 - 100,000 IPAD
Tier 3: 100,000 - 200,000 IPAD
Tier 2: 200,000 - 300,000 IPAD
Tier 1: 300,000+ IPAD
Higher tiers provide users with a better chance of winning. The size of the allocation is consistent across tiers. Users can also get onto a higher tier by staking IPAD-BUSD LP tokens, which count three times the number of IPAD staked.
Depending on the sale, tokens may be either fully unlocked at the project’s token generation event (TGE) or will be subject to a vesting schedule, which may or may not include a cliff. 
Infinity Pad leverages DAO Maker’s Chainmaker kit to deliver its offering to over 300,000 registered members. This also allows anybody who has registered with DAO Maker (DAO) to easily participate in its launches, since they can log in to the platform with the same credentials (they still need to stake IPAD). 
The platform is currently up and running and supports projects building on essentially any blockchain (including Solana (SOL), Ethereum (ETH), Avalanche (AVAX) and Polygon (MATIC)) — so long as their token is also deployed on the Binance Smart Chain. The project doesn't have a fixed roadmap, but some of its near-term plans include incorporating a priority system that favors those that have not yet won an allocation in SHOs, as well as optimally de-risking investors by minimizing reliance on smart contracts

What Makes Infinity Pad Unique?

The launchpad space has become somewhat crowded in recent months and new platforms are cropping up all the time. 

Infinity Pad distinguishes itself from other launchpads through a variety of unique features designed to maximize fairness and returns for users. Some of these features include:

IPAD Dilution

Most projects launch with the vast majority of their token supply locked or reserved for a variety of purposes, i.e., reserving a large chunk for the team and advisors, another chunk for incentives, and a large stash of tokens reserved for marketing and salaries. Infinity Pad differs in this regard, in that more than half of the IPAD supply is already in circulation, making it one of the most diluted launchpad projects in operation. This arguably helps it avoid the inflation shock that these projects often experience. 

Larger Allocations

Infinity Pad uses a lottery-based system to determine which tier holders can participate in each token sale. Rather than providing guaranteed allocations to each user, which would result in tiny individual allocations, it instead uses a lottery system to ensure winners get a large stake in their chosen project.

The personal allocation size for most Infinity Pad projects tends to be $500+. 

High Yield Staking

Infinity Pad is unusual among project launchpads in that users staking their IPAD tokens also earn staking yields (paid in IPAD). This means stakers not only unlock access to sought-after token sales but can also generate a strong return on their deposits. 

As of the time of writing, the APY for staked IPAD is close to 1,000% APY. 

Influencer Backing

The success of any project is a clear function of the strength of its team and Infinity Pad is backed by a team primarily consisting of heavyweight crypto influencers. Together, the founding team has a daily audience of over 1 million individuals, and has the network and insights necessary to secure some of the most promising projects.

Beyond this, the platform is backed by the juggernaut that is DAO Maker, currently one of the largest launchpad platforms by market capitalization and a popular SaaS provider. 

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