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Bean Cash Bean Cash (BITB)

0.000406 USD (1.37%)
0.00000005 BTC (0.01%)

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1,334,351 USD
165 BTC
34 USD
0.00 BTC
3,289,954,000 BITB
50,000,000,000 BITB

Bean Cash 市场

# 来源 配对 交易量(24小时) 价格 交易量(%) 分类 费用种类 更新时间
1 YoBit BITB/BTC $34 $0.000406 100.00% Spot Percentage 最近

Bean Cash社交媒体动态

Bean Cash的工具




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关于Bean Cash

Bean Cash's mission is "to be an enduring digital currency, with high integrity, a store of value and a means of exchange for every day transactions -- that stands the test of time!"

Bean Cash recognizes the original Bitcoin white paper as its guiding principle and is built on core bitcoin technology with inputs from Peercoin for the foundation of its proof-of-stake (PoS) feature.

There was no fund-raising or pre-mine; the blockchain (then named BitBean) was launched on 13 February 2015. After a SHA256 proof-of-work phase, Bean Cash became a pure PoS currency; the block reward is fixed at 1000 Beans plus any transaction fees attached to the transactions included. This was the first instance of this version of PoS, which the Bean Cash community calls "Proof of Bean" (PoB). Bean Cash' target block time is one minute, with a maximum block size of 20MB. It is projected to reach its maximum supply of 50 billion beans in 2111.

The team consists of volunteers from around the world who donate time and resources to the project. Team Bean is the greater Bean Cash community, consisting of anyone who has an interest in the technology. Anyone who can prove they hold 1% or more of the current outstanding Bean Cash may join Bean Core and have a vote in the direction Bean Cash development takes. The Executive Board consists of 3 Bean Core members who hold 5% or more of the current outstanding Bean Cash. They rule by consensus. If a vote is not unanimous, it does not pass. The Board may overrule suggestions coming from Bean Core or put forward its own suggestions. The Board can, likewise, be overruled by a 2/3 super-majority of Bean Core.

Bean Cash统计数据
Bean Cash价格 0.000406 USD
Bean Cash投资回报率 +740.10%
市场排名 #803
市值 1,334,351 USD
24小时交易量 34 USD
流通供给量 3,289,954,000 BITB
总供给量 3,289,954,000 BITB
最大供给量 50,000,000,000 BITB
历史最高纪录 0.042747 USD
历史最低纪录 0.000014 USD
52周最高纪录/最低纪录 0.003166 USD /
0.000182 USD
90天高纪录/最低纪录 0.000649 USD /
0.000182 USD
30天高纪录/最低纪录 0.000436 USD /
0.000182 USD
7天高纪录/最低纪录 0.000436 USD /
0.000332 USD
24小时高纪录/最低纪录 0.000407 USD /
0.000399 USD
昨日高纪录/最低纪录 0.000411 USD /
0.000399 USD
昨日开盘价/收盘价 0.000410 USD /
0.000400 USD
昨日变化 $-0.000010 USD (-2.39%)
昨日交易量 $0 USD