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94,999,999 ZACH
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100,000,000 ZACH
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100,000,000 ZACH

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Our token ensures that 2% of every transaction volume goes directly to supporting ZachXBT's fight against the ongoing legal process.

Empowering ZachXBT to Protect the Crypto Community Us ZachXBT is a passionate blockchain enthusiast dedicated to uncovering rug pulls and exposing malicious individuals within the crypto space. His tireless efforts have made a significant impact in keeping the industry safe for everyone. However, ZachXBT has recently faced legal challenges due to his work, and now he needs our support.

Stand Against Fraud: Help ZachXBT continue his fight against fraudsters and scammers who harm the integrity of the blockchain ecosystem.

Defend the Crypto Community: By donating to ZachXBT's cause, you contribute to creating a safer environment for all participants in the crypto world.

Legal Battle Support: Your contribution directly aids ZachXBT's legal defense, allowing him to continue exposing bad actors and protecting innocent individuals.

Be Part of the Solution: Together, we can make a difference by standing up against malicious individuals and safeguarding the future of blockchain technology.