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161,550,145 CTZN
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1,000,000,000 CTZN
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What is TOTEM // $CTZN?

Totem is building New Earth Systems by forging Web3 tools and communities into a single OS. Your totem is your identity, dashboard & toolset, placed within a unified and curated interface. Totem is providing Web3 tools, NFT gated communities, and more, all in one place, to bring real-world utility to Totem’s Citizens as we reveal and enjoy the open metaverse.

Totem OS is a dashboard for all your Web3 tools and management of your digital portfolio. The first tools available will have a focus on metaverse integrations and community. The dashboard will allow users of all experience levels to sharpen and leverage their knowledge of Web3 to make the most of this new era of the internet. Totem OS is the operating assembly that will house custom tools curated by the Totem team to empower the community with an exceeding array of applications.

$CTZN will be the preferred and interoperable token used across the entire Totem ecosystem, bringing simple solutions to staking, spending, access, and more. It is the value exchange in the collective journey towards true ownership in the virtual economy.

Who are the founders of Totem?

What Makes Totem Unique?

How Many Totem (CTZN) Coins Are There in Circulation?

How Is the Totem Network Secured?

Where Can You Buy Totem (CTZN)?

DANIEL HANKS (Chief Executive) // DANIEL has over 10+ years of experience in business growth and management, creative direction, and concise brand development. Orchestrating both his teams and partnerships through a wide methodical lens and a detailed view of the future. Using his decisiveness, tenacious vision, and modernized perspective to make innovative changes.

XELA RAY (Chief Strategy) // XELA has worked as a multimedia artist / designer specializing in business strategy and vision. He uses his 11+ years of experience in business development, visionary leadership, excellent people skills, and exceptional analytical abilities to look after the needs of the consumer and company.

XNDR JORDAN (Chief Creative) // XNDR is a true savant in his field when it comes to content creation and management Xndrs vast expertise coupled with 10+ years of experience as a film director and internet trend analyst has sharpened and honed his passion into a surgical tool. He directed and produced viral content across almost every web2 platform with KOLs of all sizes. The Totem team consists of 20+ employees, who work hands-on to ensure all content and partnerships are aligned with their vision of blockchain’s application and purpose the metaverse will serve in our day-to-day lives.

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