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CHZ  Chiliz CHZPrice: ₺5.96 36.24%
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5,586,355,378 CHZ
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CHZ Fiyatı Canlı Veri

Chiliz bugünkü fiyatı ₺5.96 TRY, 24 saatlik işlem hacmi ₺28,979,942,433 TRY. Chiliz son 24 saatte yüzde arttı. Anlık CoinMarketCap sıralaması #38, piyasa değeri ₺33,290,682,212 TRY. Dolaşımdaki arz 5,586,355,378 CHZ coin ve maksimum seviyede. 8,888,888,888 CHZ coin.

Chiliz ile şu anda işlem yapılan en büyük borsalar Binance, Huobi Global, OKEx, FTX, ve Upbit. Listeleme yapan diğer borsaları kripto borsaları sayfamızda bulabilirsiniz.

What Is Chiliz (CHZ)?

Chiliz is one of the largest blockchains for esports and gaming crowdfunding. Officially launched in 2019, the idea for Chiliz and the platform were initially conceived in 2016. Chiliz is a token designed to allow fans to support their favorite sports teams through blockchain-based interactions.

The platform also aims to allow fans to buy tokenized voting rights for the teams they support. Football club Juventus was the first to launch a team token through the website. Since then, more than a hundred different teams have joined the platform. Chilliz has attracted the attention of competitors from a wide array of sports, including football, basketball, and esports teams.

Who Are the Founders of Chiliz?

Alexandre Dreyfus is the founder and CEO of both Chiliz and His professional portfolio includes numerous CEO positions. Dreyfus has also founded Webcity, a city tour-guide platform used across Europe. He has played a founding role in the creation of Winamax, the first-ever French online poker platform. Alexandre Dreyfus graduated from Lycee Jean Perrin in 1995.

Emma Diskin is the chief operating officer at Chiliz. She has been with the company since 2018 and has moved up the ranks, starting with a communications director position. Her professional career began as an account manager for Freud Communications in 1999. Since then, she has been an employee for brands like the Daily Mail and ITV, before joining Chiliz and

Max Rabinovitch is the chief strategy officer for Chilliz and He graduated in fine arts and psychology from the University of Colorado Boulder in 2008. Rabinovitch’s professional experience began as a head copywriter for Intersog in 2010. A year later, he became the creative director for ComboApp Inc. Since 2014, Rabinovitch has been an integral part of the Chiliz team.

What Makes Chiliz Unique?

Chiliz and claim to be the first platforms to build a bridge between blockchain technology and the sports world. By issuing blockchain-based tokens, Chiliz ensures that fans have their investment secure and protected while participating from anywhere in the world.

Chiliz and allow sports fans to participate in the management of their favorite teams. By buying fan tokens, users secure voting rights and participate in votes announced by the teams on This further boosts the decentralization features offered by the Chiliz blockchain.

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How Many Chiliz (CHZ) Coins Are There in Circulation?

Chiliz (CHZ) has a total and maximum supply of 8,888,888,888 tokens. The circulating supply as of March 2021 is about 5,441,098,420 CHZ tokens.

Of the total CHZ token supply, 34.5% were distributed through a pre-sale event and additional token sales. Another 20% of tokens were set aside as a userbase reserve, dedicated for future users of the platform. Around a sixth of all tokens were directed towards strategic acquisitions. About 7.5% of CHZ tokens were given as an incentive to seed investors. Finally, 5% of tokens were given as a reward to the team and 3% were distributed among the advisors of the project.

How Is the Chiliz Network Secured?

The Chiliz blockchain relies on a proof-of-authority (PoA) side chain consensus mechanism for security. Unlike proof-of-work (PoW) and proof-of-stake (PoS), PoA relies on the reputability of already established validators for the creation of new blocks.

To make transaction processing as fast as possible, the PoA consensus relies on a Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT) algorithm with identity as a stake. It is more cost-effective than the PoW consensus in terms of electrical and computing power consumption.

Where Can You Buy Chiliz (CHZ)?

Chiliz (CHZ) is available for trading on the following platforms:

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CHZ Fiyat İstatistikleri

Chiliz Fiyat Bugün
Chiliz Değeri₺5.96
Fiyat Değişimi24h₺1.59
24s En Düşük / 24s En Yüksek
₺4.11 /
İşlem Hacmi24h₺28,979,942,433.47
Volume / Market Cap0.8705
Piyasa Hakimiyeti0.19%
Piyasam Sıralaması#38
Chiliz Piyasa Değeri
Piyasa Değeri₺33,290,682,211.60
Tamamen Seyreltilmiş Piyasa Değeri₺52,971,419,675.36
Chiliz Fiyat Dün
Dünün En Yükseği / En Düşüğü
₺4.01 /
Dünkü Açılış / Kapanış
₺4.06 /
Dünkü Değişim


Dünkü Hacim₺10,359,681,009.42
Chiliz Fiyat Geçmişi
7g En Düşük / 7g En Yüksek
₺3.53 /
30g En Düşük / 30g En Yüksek
₺3.01 /
90g En Düşük / 90g En Yüksek
₺0.1382 /
52 Hafta En Düşük / 52 Hafta En Yüksek
₺0.05088 /
Tüm Zamanlar En Yüksek
Mar 13, 2021 (a month ago)
Tüm Zamanlar En Düşük
Sep 27, 2019 (2 years ago)
Chiliz ROI


Chiliz Arz
Dolaşan Arz5,586,355,378 CHZ
Toplam Arz8,888,888,888 CHZ
Maks Arz8,888,888,888 CHZ