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ZIN Pris liveinfo

ZIN is a gaming crypto by gamers for gamers!

The $ZIN token lies at the very heart of the ZIN ecosystem and powers every aspect of the platform. Utility fundamentals include: purchasing/listing NFTs, farming, fight monster and rewards from pvp.

Gameplay : 1. Fight Monster : The Zoma Infinity are tasked with fighting the Monsters every day. The player first selects the creatures to use in battle and equips them with weapons by purchasing these items available in the MarketPlace. 2. Farming : The creatures on the Zoma Infinity planet also need farming to maintain food for a long struggle. Players can choose the creatures that are suitable for farming to get the best profit. 3. Market Place : Most important feature, Users can trade eggs, pets, and items on the MarketPlace. The main currency used in the MarketPlace is ZIN Token. All transactions are made in ZIN Token. 4. Breeding and Grow : The player can buy eggs from Starter Package or MarketPlace and then incubate them to hatch an pet. Both buying and hatching eggs need to use ZIN tokens.