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What is Arche Network

Arche Network is committed to building a user-friendly decentralized crypto asset store in Metaverse with a DPaaS (Decentralized Protocol as a Service) service architecture that allows sellers to create IGO/INO and MysteryBox contracts with the support of Open Marketplace. It aims to provide a smooth experience for users in crypto-asset trading with access to Matchmaker, Swap, Farm, Lending, etc.

What Problem Does Arche Network Solve?

  • High cost of building a decentralized trading marketplace for projects.
  • High developing barrier in building decentralized marketplace with high customization attributes.
  • High user learning threshold with the increasing assets on chain.
  • Long-tail asset marketplace is fragmented between crypto-asset tools and trading platforms, users need to go to multiple protocols to complete the interaction.

Arche Token Function

Arche Network is governed by Arche token holders,users can earn ARCHE tokens by being Matchmakers, participating in the events, or staking ARCHE to earn APY.

Arche Network Solution

Arche Network's core service is to use DPaaS architecture to quickly build IDO/IGO/INO with NFT Marketplace and MysteryBox contact to integrate different market protocols in a modular front-end page that can adopt Matchmaker, Swap, Farm, Lending, KYC, and other protocols and services to solve these problems.

Arche Network Roadmap

  • Arche Eros is live, Eros1.0 is token store with time based swap tools. Audited by Peckshield.
  • Arche Echo is Game store that support with GameFi Launchpad and Marketplace.
  • Arche Athena is NFT store that support INO and decentralized marketplace.