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О Pink BNB

Pink BNB is The World's first AI-Based Crypto Currency Media Portal. It's designed to collect large amounts of data about the cryptocurrency industry, label training data and analyze the data for correlations and patterns, and use these patterns to make predictions about future states. This system consists of 3 major layers, user interface(UI), crawler, and Artificial intelligence(AI). Each layer has different roles to give users the best and fastest experience.

Artificial intelligence(AI) is the brain of the system. Unprocessed data are categorized and labeled in this layer. All data are analyzed for correlations and patterns.

  • In version 1.0, the PNB3 AI is able to categorize, label data, read news and articles, and understand them.
  • In version 2.0, it will be able to separate good and bad news and mark them.
  • In version 3.0, it will be able to predict cryptocurrencies and market conditions based on news, charts, and cryptocurrencies projects activities.

For unlimited use of the project, members must pay a membership fee, and it will be in the PNB tokens.