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MTLX  Mettalex MTLXPrice: ₽837.22 0.36%
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Циркулирующее предложение
1,123,003 MTLX
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MTLX Цена сейчас

Mettalex цена сегодня составляет ₽837.22 RUB с суточным объемом торгов ₽166,494,500 RUB. Mettalex выросла на 0.36 за последние 24 часа. Текущий рейтинг CoinMarketCap — #988 с рыночной капитализацией ₽940,203,324 RUB. Циркулирующее предложение составляет 1,123,003 MTLX монет и макс. предложение 40,000,000 MTLX монет.

Самые популярные биржи для торговли Mettalex в настоящее время: HitBTC, Uniswap (V2), MXC.COM, Bilaxy, и Folgory. Вы можете найти другие биржи на нашей странице криптобирж.

What is Mettalex?

Mettalex is a decentralised exchange that is focused on the trading of token-based commodities. Accessible 24/7 with tight trading spreads, low margin requirements and unique hedge instruments that ensure investors cannot be liquidated prior to settlement.

It allows access to traditional markets with minimal friction on taking positions and reduced requirements for margin. Mettalex combines the convenience of tokens with market sizes of the commodities world.

No liquidation

Stakeholders taking hedge positions assuming price hikes or dips will not lose their collateral on the basis of short term price movements. Position tokens remain valid the breach of floor or cap occurs.

Instant exit and settlements

Positions on Mettalex are monitored by an autonomous agent that ensures the market has sufficient liquidity for selling your position in the event that you decide to exit.

Crowd-sourced collateral pool

Mettalex uses position tokens instead of margin positions offered by conventional trading platforms. These position tokens in turn are backed fully by collateral, adding another layer of stability to the exchange. Mettalex is aiming to solve market failures inherent to today’s commodities market: front running, poor liquidity, price manipulation, and loss of value in the form of margin calls.

Mettalex solves this through the creation of what is referred to as position tokens. Position tokens are primarily used to track the difference in the price of an asset. They do not require the entirety of collateral of an asset to be tied up in a smart contract, thereby allowing contracts of much larger sizes to be traded with lower collateral requirements. This is also different from the conventional leverage requirements in traditional markets as the possibility of liquidation is not dependent on basis of the movement of prices until it hits a pre-set price band.

The anticipated first markets on the Mettalex platform will be:

  • Steel Supply chain based commodity spreads
  • Gold and Silver spreads with BTC and USD
  • Lithium and Oil Spreads with BTC and ETH
  • Stock Market indices spreads with BTC and ETH
  • Data Storage, Compute and Utilization spreads with USD/BTC/ETH





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Статистика цен на MTLX

Mettalex Цена сегодня
Цена Mettalex₽837.22
Изменение цены24h₽3.04
24 ч Мин. / 24 ч Макс.
₽819.42 /
Объем торгов24h₽166,494,500.46
Volume / Market Cap0.1771
Рыночное доминирование0.00%
Рыночный ранг#988
Рыночная капитализация Mettalex
Рыночная капитализация₽940,203,323.80
Рыночная капитализация при полной эмиссии₽33,488,894,560.08
Mettalex Цена вчера
Вчерашний Мин. / Макс.
₽795.86 /
Вчерашняя цена открытия/закрытия
₽800.15 /
Вчерашнее изменение


Вчерашний объем₽190,550,682.20
Mettalex История цен
7 дн. Мин. / 7 дн. Макс.
₽655.41 /
30 дн. Мин. / 30 дн. Макс.
₽636.04 /
90 дн. Мин. / 90 дн. Макс.
₽173.76 /
52 нед. Мин. / 52 нед. Макс.
₽37.44 /
Максимум за все время
Feb 21, 2021 (2 months ago)
Минимум за все время
Nov 14, 2020 (5 months ago)
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Mettalex Поставка
Циркулирующее предложение1,123,003 MTLX
Общее предложение40,000,000 MTLX
Максимальное предложение40,000,000 MTLX