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1,862,056 AFIT
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2,100,000,000 AFIT
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О Actifit

Actifit kicked off in June 2018 as an innovative and disrupting social project, that incentivizes healthy lifestyle by rewarding its users for living healthier, making it the first social, gamified, cross-chain, multi-reward, move-to-earn project.

The project initiated by building a mobile app that auto-tracks your steps and activity, and while sending this info to the blockchain (Steem first -, and then Hive, you earn rewards.

Via this initiative, we introduced a tangible concept on the blockchain of successful social-focused fitness motivation and reward incentive.

Since then, actifit has rewarded more than 330,000 unique tracked activity reports, accumulating more than 2.2 billion steps tracked!

Actifit features 2 core tokens: A- AFIT: Utility & Reward token. It allows users to: - Buy virtual and real fitness products - Challenge friends to contests - Boost their user rank and earn more rewards - Reward friends - Take part in yield farming.

B- AFITX: Governance token & the core token of our DeFi ecosystem. It allows users to: - Have voting rights on the future of Actifit and its ecosystem - Take part in Fit Loans (To be launched) - Boost user rank and earn more rewards - Take part in yield farming.

Actifit has been ranked as top health dapp on and among top 10 social dapps on

Actifit currently runs on three blockchains: Hive blockchain as its core blockchain (, Steem (, and Blurt (

Recently, we deployed both our AFIT and AFITX tokens on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and we anticipate launching Actifit DeFi project, a yield farming & aggregation project on BSC.

We are eyeing expansion and growth to other chains, such as Telos, Polygon, Cardano and others.