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Биржи: 638
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Объем за 24ч: $47,539,473,357
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О 8.Finance

What Is 8.Finance (8F)?

8.Finance is an educational platform with simple games that helps everyone easily get into Crypto: for free, without any knowledge and risks. And helps crypto projects easily get new users and increase brand awareness

8F is the native utility token of the project that is used for:

  • Snake evolution (in Snake for Crypto game) and in-game Marketplace: skins, features, graffiti
  • Our partners reward users for taking tasks with 8F token
  • Game Airdrops and Tournaments that can not be held without 8F token
  • Premium subscription in Snake for Crypto for 8F (everyday bonuses, special skins, game modes, etc)
  • 8F Staking and Farming
  • NFTs staking with fixed min. yield
  • Governance - important decisions are made only after votes
  • 1% transaction fee on any 8F transactions (is being automatically burned)

8F token was audited by Paladin Sec.

8.Finance services include:

  • Casual games - Snake for Crypto is the first game of 8.Finance
  • In-game marketing services for Crypto projects (Airdrops, Tournaments, Educational videos)
  • 8.Finance DEX
  • 8.Finance Governance (underway)
  • Staking and Farming Pools (finished)
  • NFTs Staking with fixed min. yield (finished)

Who Are the Founders of 8.Finance?

Where Can I Buy 8.Finance tokens (8F)?

Utility functions and market demand for 8F token