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Preço de Pteria (PTERIA)


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PTERIA  Pteria PTERIAPrice: R$18.79 5.71%
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PTERIA Preço em Tempo Real

O preço de agora de Pteria de hoje é de R$18.79 BRL com um volume de negociação em 24 horas de R$1,230,437 BRL. Pteria subiu 5.71% nas últimas 24 horas. A classificação atual na CoinMarketCap é de #3118, com uma capitalização de mercado de não está disponível. O fornecimento em circulação não está disponível e um máximo. fornecimento máximo de 7,200,000 PTERIA moedas

As principais corretoras para negociação de Pteria atualmente são BitAsset, Uniswap (V2), Hoo, e . Você pode encontrar outras listagens em nossa .

What is Pteria

The DAO has issued 7.2 million Pteria on the Ethereum blockchain. The main purpose of Pteria is to act as a utility token for third party projects and applications. The DAO, based on democratic decisions decreed by the majority vote, has the right to autonomously allocate the budget defined for external projects with precedence given to those projects focused on gaming and finance (non-exclusive). Project choice is determined by the potential burning capacity of the project. Considering the limited supply of the Pteria token, the quantity already destined to be burned by third-party projects supported by Pteria Dao is 1.89M equal to 27.5% of the supply.

Third Party Projects

The Pteria token is a governance token within a DAO, managed through the Aragon protocol™. Users are able to guide the development of the DAO and take an active part in the decision-making process by making proposals and voting on prospective changes. The Pteria token is designed to be integrated into 3rd party projects as a functional utility token with the DAO holding the right to allocate budgets for those new projects. The Pteria DAO has deep-rooted B2B connections with the focus being on the mobile gaming industry. The massive numbers that the gaming industry provides coupled with the liquidity that Pteria provides results in huge potential for the value of Pteria.

The projects that are taken into consideration must be those that meet a specific set of characteristics, namely those that; have a high token burn capacity, belong to the world of entertainment (with precedence given for projects that pertain to mobile gaming), and have a pre-established active user base. The amount of Pteria assigned by the DAO to each project will vary in quantity and distribution. If you believe that you have a business that meets the above requirements and would like to integrate Pteria into your project, please contact Pteria for for further information.

Pteria for Wallem

Wallem is the first project that has integrated Pteria within its ecosystem. It is a mobile gaming project promoted by the popular Youtuber Pewdiepie (107M followers). Wallem allows users to join events giving them the chance to get real-world products. Pteria DAO donated 600k Pteria to Wallem to function as a collectible token spread out across the in-game GPS-based map. Wallem users are able to catch the tokens in AR and spend them on in-game items such as character skins and joining events. As all of tokens used to join events are burned, Wallem functions as a powerful burning machine for Pteria. Once the donated supply of Pteria runs out, Wallem will need to purchase more Pteria on the market in order to replenish its supply.

Staking & Rewarding

Staking provides users the ability to generate rewards through their cryptocurrency holdings and will drastically reduce the circulating supply of Pteria helping to increase its value. The Pteria DAO allows token holders to stake their Pteria for month-long periods granting monthly rewards with the only obligation being the need to participate in at least 1 vote per month.

All tokens collected in this manner will be distributed to users in proportion to the amount of Pteria tokens they have staked. The value of the monthly reward varies from month to month and is communicated on the Pteria Telegram channel in the period close to rewarding. The rewards are in Ethereum, Pteria and/or other cryptocurrencies derived from the sale of NFT’s and from third party projects involved in the Pteria DAO ecosystem.






Brazilian Real

PTERIA Estatísticas de Preços

Pteria Preço Hoje
Preço de PteriaR$18.79
Alternância de Preço24hR$1.34
Baixas nas 24h / Altas nas 24h
R$17.59 /
Volume de Trading24hR$1,230,436.94
Volume / Capitalização de MercadoSem Dados
Dominância no MercadoSem Dados
Ranking no mercado#3118
Pteria Capitalização de Mercado
Cap. de MercadoSem Dados
Capitalização de Mercado Totalmente DiluídaR$135,273,878.52
Pteria Preço Ontem
Mínima / Máxima de Ontem
R$17.26 /
Abertura / Fechamento de ontem
R$17.29 /
Mudança de ontem


Volume de ontemR$970,704.75
Pteria Histórico de preços
Mínima / Máxima de 7 dias
R$15.15 /
Mínima / Máxima de 30 dias
R$14.67 /
Mínima / Máxima de 90 dias
R$12.50 /
Mínima / Máxima de 52 Semanas
R$8.64 /
Valor mais alto
Jan 16, 2021 (4 months ago)
Valor mais baixo
Dec 05, 2020 (5 months ago)
ROI de Pteria
Sem Dados
Pteria Fornecem
Fornecimento CirculanteSem Dados
Fornecimento Total7,200,000 PTERIA
Fornecimento Máximo7,200,000 PTERIA