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What Is Subsocial (SUB)?

Subsocial is an open platform for creating decentralized social networks and marketplaces. Its main features are censorship resistance and built-in monetization methods. The platform allows users to create their own decentralized sustainable social networks and enjoy full control over them. Subsocial’s developers describe it as a UI for decentralized communities.

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Subsocial has secured the support of the Web3 Foundation and the Polkadot/Kusama community. The team plans to integrate with Acala Network, Crust Network and OpenSquare in the near future.

Subsocial began development in Q4 2019. The platform’s main advantages include personalized feeds and notifications, IPFS integration, server rendering and full-text search.

Who Are the Founders of Subsocial?

Alex Siman is the founder and architect of Subsocial. Siman is also a Polkadot ambassador and the founder of DappForce, Substrate Ukraine and LearnWell Club.

What Makes Subsocial (SUB) Unique?

Subsocial is Polkadot's socio-financial protocol. It’s an open platform built using the Substrate framework and the IPFS decentralized file system. It is censorship-resistant and has built-in monetization mechanisms.

Subsocial is aiming to disrupt existing social media platforms by offering solutions to their endemic issues. These include global censorship, lack of customization, unfair monetization, inconvenience of use and monopoly on network effects.

One of the key features of Subsocial is the Serverless Public Timeline. Developers can run all web applications on IPFS, removing the need for centralized server hosts. Customizable moderation allows users to set rules for their space and ensures resistance to censorship. The platform offers built-in dynamic community management roles with detailed permissions.

Token holders can participate in network governance via a control mechanism similar to that of Polkadot and Kusama.

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How Many Subsocial (SUB) Coins Are There in Circulation?

As of May 2021, the Subsocial platform is under development. The Subsocial Token (SUB) is required to execute transactions on the platform. SUB plays an integral part in Subsocial governance, allows users to pay for their actions and is used to reward validators.

The total supply of SUB tokens is allocated as follows: 20% to the team and advisors, 10-20% to the private sale, 20-30% to the public sale, 20% to the development grants, early adopters and marketing, and 20% to the Kusama parachain lease offering (PLO).

How Is the Subsocial Network Secured?

Subsocial runs on Polkadot, which is responsible for providing a secure and scalable platform.

Shared security is Polkadot's key offering for parachains. All parachains that are connected to the Polkadot Relay Chain by leasing a parachain slot will benefit from the economic security that validators provide.

Where Can You Buy Subsocial (SUB)?

As of May 2021, Subsocial has entered the private sale stage, during which 860,000 SUB will be distributed. After the private sale is over, the public sale will follow in the form of an initial dex offering (IDO).

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