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RSI Finance is fully written as "Reliable Sustainable Insurance Finance" - a DEFI 2.0 project operated on the Binance Smart Chain network with features that help investors earn passively with APY up to 5000% in 1 year. RSI Finance Key Features: - Margin trading: We have created a cutting-edge decentralized exchange that lets users join without having to go through the KYC process that centralized exchanges need, users remain anonymous, and investors' custody-related action still controls assets. 100% Decentralized Trading - AI Trading: We have researched and developed an automated trading system to get passive autopilot with APY up to 5000% for 1 year. AI Bot Trading in RSI Finance is a completely new and special feature that sets RSI Finance apart from other projects. The system has been synthesized and developed by a team of technicians and experienced traders in Crypto. - RSI Finance Insurance: This is the fund to protect investors of RSI Finance to create more confidence in the project for the community by deducting the profits obtained from the AI Trading system to support the price, specifically the floor price. - Borrow: RSI Finance Borrow brings complete transparency with easier access to assets for any remittance process without any third party. It offers the simplest loan process; borrowers need to have a cryptocurrency wallet and open Smart contracts. RSI Finance provides a censorship-free environment, which means no preferences while ensuring immutability. - Tool: Tools are a series of pages that will be able to help our user, and are complementary to the experience offered by RSI Finance, along with 3 special features in the tool section such as: Farm, Bridge, and Swap. - Referral Program: The function is being worked on and should stabilize the RSI Finance ecosystem. - Low tax trading: To promote trading activity for $RSI and increase the solvency of the insurance fund while providing investors a lower APR, RSI Finance charges a low trading fee of 3% for buy and 3% for sell.