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$RFN is the people's token, and is highly deflationary and the overall benefits are huge. Our investors get rewarded daily with a 6% share of all fees from each transaction. $RFN's initial supply of 100 billion tokens will be burned down from the first day after launch in a massive way. Tokens are burned automatically with a 2% share of all transactions sent to a dead wallet. In subsequent years burns will go on. We donate 1% of every transaction to NGOs with a focus on children and women in need. Automated bot trading is not tolerated by us and we react to it with blacklisting. By listing our $RFN token on ChangeNow.io. It is possible for our investors to make payments worldwide with our token. It is more important than ever to offer maximum added value for investors and to stand out from the gray crowd. $RFN token investors are holding a jewel that is increasing in value every day