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What Is Phobos Token (PBOS)?

PBOS token is the governance token of Mars: Metaverse. By acquiring and holding PBOS Tokens, users can become a member of the Senatus Parliament and Phobos Delegate, DAO of Mars Metaverse. Stake Phobos tokens and participate in the Metaverse Land Sale in the first half of 2023.

PBOS is the native governance token that is used for:

(1) Governance: The holders can have voting rights for the proposals in the metaverse platform (2) Staking: The holders can stake the token and participate in the land sale

Who Are the Founders of Phobos Token?

KEVIN CHANG / CEO / 13 years+ of experience and formerly worked at ESTsoft, as head of game business

BRYAN KO / CBDO / 15 years+ of experience and Community & Blockchain expert

SEUNGMIN YANG / Producer / 13 years+ of experience and formerly worked at ESTsoft Mobile/Online Game Development Studio Director

JUNGHUN KIM / CTO / 13 years+ of experience and formerly worked at ESTsoft game client

Where Can I Buy Phobos Token?

Phobos token is available for trading on a growing number of exchanges, with PBOS and UDSC pairs currently available at https://meshswap.fi/ & https://klayswap.com/.