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Syntrum is a blockchain platform that provides users with blockchain infrastructure technologies and scalable white-label dApp solutions for DeFi, GameFi, and NFT. By offering superior technologies, tools, and products/dApps, Syntrum creates an ecosystem where end-users, creators, builders, and other blockchain/cryptocurrency projects can achieve their goals. Syntrum brings the community together through a one-stop-shop approach that encourages collaboration, positioning itself as a catalyst for exponential growth and adoption in the industry.

Syntrum was officially founded in June 2022, prior to that, development of key products in the area of DeFi, gameFi and NFT have been ongoing for over a year. With so many challenges yet to be solved, Syntrum is focused on developing technologies and products that address these challenges. Some of the challenges that are being addressed include, blockchain interoperability, scalability constraints, and complexity of dApps.

Main technologies and products being developed includes:

Syntrum chain: An EVM compatible, highly scalable, blockchain. Syntrum master chain (Kyrios) utilizes a novel parallel mirror network technology to achieve real-time synchronization with other blockchains hence achieving true-interoperability. With this, dApps on Kyrios chain can operate seamlessly across supported blockchains without the need for bridges.

White-Label dApp solutions: Syntrum is more than just a blockchain infrastructure - it offers white-label solutions through our dApp-as-a-Service suite. We empower builders and creators in DeFi, GameFi, and NFT products and applications with effective and scalable technologies.