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Syntropy 가격 (NOIA)


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NOIA  Syntropy NOIAPrice: ₩828.23 1.24%
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유통 공급량
367,659,875 NOIA
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NOIA 라이브 가격 데이터

오늘의 Syntropy 실시간 가격₩828.23 KRW이며 24시간 거래량은 ₩2,233,322,778 KRW입니다. Syntropy은(는) 지난 24시간 동안 1.24 하락했습니다. 현재 코인마켓캡 순위는 #186위이며, 실시가총액은 ₩304,508,360,316 KRW입니다. 순환 공급량은 367,659,875 NOIA코인입니다 및 최대 공급량은 1,000,000,000 NOIA코인입니다.

Syntropy 거래 최상위 거래소는 현재 KuCoin,, Uniswap (V2), 1inch Exchange, , 및 Nash입니다. 암호화폐 거래소 페이지에 수록되어 있는 다른 거래소도 찾아보세요.

What Is Syntropy (NOIA)?

Syntropy transforms the public internet into a secure and user-centric internet where encryption and performance are built-in and automatically enabled to anyone and anything connected. The NOIA token launched on Jan. 5, 2020, while Syntropynet was founded in 2017.

The technology itself is compatible with the current internet and allows for the complete utilization of resources. Its main goal is to remove any limitations while ensuring security and optimization as a starting point, with greater scalability potential for future technologies. Traffic on Syntropy is routed through a Distributed Autonomous Routing Protocol (DARP).

This is a blockchain system that facilitates traffic through the NOIA token, and rewards node operators for network contributions. The token acts as gas that helps the internet run, and services as well as applications running on Syntropy spend NOIA to pay for the network usage itself.

Who Are the Founders of Syntropy?

Syntropy was founded by William B. Norton, Jonas Simanavicius, Domas Povilauskas, Domantas Jaskunas and Justinas Valutavicius.

William B. Norton is the co-founder and chief technical liaison responsible for launching outreach activities to secure prospective partners, customers and suppliers for the NOIA software segment solution known as the programmable internet.

He is also the founder of DrPeering. Before that, he worked as the chief scientist in Console Connect Inc., and was the chief strategy officer at IIX. He also worked as an Internet Peering Expert at ETICS Advisory Panel – European Commission, and was the co-founder and chief technical liaison at Equinix. He was also the manager of the Internet Engineering group for 11 years at Merit Networks, University of Michigan.

Jonas Simanavicius is the co-founder and CTO at Syntropy, and is the CTO of Clouder. He was a lead instructor at the Turning society, he was an associate applications developer at JPMorgan Chase& Co, a mobile application developer and consultant at Techsnapp Ltd, and a mobile application developer & consultant at Approar Ltd.

Domas Povilauskas is the co-founder and CEO at Syntropy, as well as the co-founder and CEO at Tellq. Before that he was self-employed at Trader, and was a financial analyst at Value Square, as well as a Financial Analyst at Orion Securities UAB FMI.

Domantas Jaskunas is a co-founder of Syntropy, as well as a co-founder of Tellq. Before that, he was an analyst at SilverSea Asset Management, and a financial assistant at Gaotime.

Justinas Valutavicius is a co-founder of Syntropy, and the CTO of Tellq. Before that he worked as a programmer at Hellocoin Co, UAB “Prekybos centras Internete” and UAB VOIP Exchange.

What Makes Syntropy Unique?

The main thing that makes Syntropy unique and special is the fact that anything built on the current internet can be built on Syntropy.

As such, it enables a diverse ecosystem of applications through integration into all key technology systems. The native digital asset allows this ecosystem to create its own decentralized economy which is supported by community members that run the node infrastructure. Developers are incentivized to deliver applications and software on top of the Syntropy network as a result.

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How Many Syntropy (NOIA) Coins Are There in Circulation?

Syntropy is a standard ERC-20 token. Users pay with USD or NOIA tokens to access the Syntropy Network. All of the payments are translated into token demand through an exchange gateway.

How Is the Syntropy Network Secured?

The Syntropy Network is the infrastructure that can provide smart routing of internet traffic through its proprietary Decentralized Autonomous Routing Protocol (DARP). DARP consists of hundreds of high-performance nodes on every cloud network throughout a worldwide scale. Node runners receive NOIA token compensations in relation to how much traffic they can relay throughout their network.

Where Can You Buy Syntropy (NOIA)?

Syntropy or NOIA can be purchased, sold and traded on several exchanges, including:

Uniswap (V2)


You can find others listed on our crypto exchanges page. Unsure how cryptocurrency purchases work? Find out here.






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NOIA 가격 통계

Syntropy 오늘 가격
Syntropy 가격₩828.23
가격 변동24h₩-10.36
24시 최저가 / 24시 최고가
₩809.28 /
Volume / Market Cap0.007334
시장 지배0.01%
시가 순위#186
Syntropy 시가 총액
완전 희석된 시가 ₩828,233,868,593.75
Syntropy 어제 가격
어제의 최저가 / 최고가
₩813.25 /
어제 시작가/종가
₩843.42 /
어제 변화


어제 거래량₩2,743,374,446.08
Syntropy 가격 내역
7일 최저가 / 7일 최고가
₩756.42 /
30일 최저가 / 30일 최고가
₩482.00 /
90일 최저가 / 90일 최고가
₩190.35 /
52주 최저가 / 52주 최고가
₩4.24 /
전체 최고
Mar 29, 2021 (13 days ago)
전체 최저
Mar 16, 2020 (a year ago)
Syntropy ROI


Syntropy 공급
유통 공급량367,659,875 NOIA
총 공급량1,000,000,000 NOIA
최대 공급량1,000,000,000 NOIA