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Hub - Human Trust Protocol 정보

What Is Hub – Human Trust Protocol (HUB)?

Hub’s vision is to encode user identity and reputation on the blockchain and become the next digital identity protocol interoperable across multiple platforms. By putting identity data, one of the most valuable data types, back in the hands of users, Hub enables users to gain access to new economic opportunities and financial freedom in communities and marketplaces.

Hub’s current applications include:

  • Hub platform: rewards-based event and community platform
  • KarmaCheck: portable background screenings

Hub tokens are used in the protocol to:

  • Stake and incentivize trustworthy interactions and transactions among users
  • Trade for available products and services
  • Grant rewards

How Many HUB Tokens Are There in Circulation?

Hub launched its mainnet in April 2019 with 1.75B HUB tokens. 27% were sold in a private sale, 20% is reserved for the team, 20% is reserved for ecosystem development, and the remaining 33% is held in reserve.

What is the Team Behind Hub?

HUB is a token launched by Hub Token, whose founder is Eric Ly, LinkedIn’s co-founder and its founding CTO.

Ly realized that users were placing their trust on the identities and profiles of people and the information they gleaned from social networks without knowing whether the information could be true or falsified. In this environment, trust is lost and the potential for trade is decreased. Ly sought to build a protocol where robust identities and reputations would enable users to benefit economically.

The original whitepaper was written by Ly, Rich Miller and Miko Matsumura. Miller is a noted expert of distributed ledger technologies and one of the original architects of email protocols. Matsumura was one of the original Java evangelists and a well-known expert in blockchain, crypto and DeFi. Hub’s second whitepaper on its two-token system was co-authored with Samuel Smith PhD, founder of the reputation spoke at ConsenSys and former Chairman at the Sovrin Foundation.

Hub’s team consists of experienced technologists and advisors and is deeply connected into Silicon Valley VC, startup, and Stanford networks.

Where Can I Buy HUB?

Hub is trading on a growing number of exchanges, including the following:

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