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Bridge Protocol Bridge Protocol (BRDG)

0.000359 USD (4.22%)
0.00000004 BTC (4.02%)
0.00004847 NEO (2.86%)

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80,465 USD
10 BTC
10,861 NEO
0.00 BTC
0.01 NEO
유통 공급량
224,088,259 BRDG
총 공급량
450,000,000 BRDG
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Bridge Protocol 시장

# 소스 거래량(24시간) 가격 거래량(%) 카테고리 수수료 유형 업데이트
1 HitBTC BRDG/BTC $0 $0.000359 100.00% Spot Percentage 최근
2 Switcheo Network BRDG/NEO $0 $0.000289 0.00% Spot Percentage 최근
3 HitBTC BRDG/ETH $0 $0.000278 0.00% Spot Percentage 최근
4 HitBTC BRDG/USDT $0 $0.000343 0.00% Spot Percentage 최근

Bridge Protocol 소셜 미디어 피드

Bridge Protocol 도구

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Bridge Protocol 정보

Bridge Protocol describes itself as a RegTech company specializing in identity services on the NEO Blockchain. The Bridge Protocol (BRDG) utility token is transacted for verification claims such as KYC/AML on the Bridge Network. The Bridge Passport was developed as a Google Chrome Extension and is now available via the Chrome Web Store. It can be downloaded through GitHub and has compatibility with chromium-based browsers such as Brave, Opera, and Firefox. To learn more, visit Bridge Protocol

Bridge Protocol 통계
Bridge Protocol 가격 0.000359 USD
Bridge Protocol ROI -91.54%
시가 순위 #1524
시가총액 80,465 USD
24시간 거래량 0 USD
유통 공급량 224,088,259 BRDG
총 공급량 450,000,000 BRDG
최대 공급량 데이터 없음
전체 최고 0.011329 USD
(2019. 01. 03.)
전체 최저 0.000163 USD
(2019. 10. 02.)
52주 최고/최저 0.011329 USD /
0.000163 USD
90일 최고 /최저 0.002733 USD /
0.000163 USD
30일 최고/최저 0.000505 USD /
0.000163 USD
7일 최고/최저 0.000364 USD /
0.000221 USD
24시간 최고/최저 0.000364 USD /
0.000344 USD
어제 최고/최저 0.000364 USD /
0.000340 USD
어제 시작가/종가 0.000340 USD /
0.000357 USD
어제 변화 $0.000017 USD (+5.11%)
어제 거래량 $0 USD

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