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The Atlantis Universe was born with a mission to create an open Metaverse, ATLANTIS is more than just a fantasy-themed strategy game with a deep setting and storyline. Atlantis also aims to become a decentralized society, where users are the builders of that society.

4 Unique Selling Points of Atlantis Metaverse: Long-term vision: Based on Greek mythology, the game story is developed according to 4 worlds (ocean, hell, sky and earth). The game design is combined special elements of RPG (role-playing game) and automatic chess strategy Integrating Metaverse: at the early stage, the game is evolved from a 3D game to slowly creating the foundation for the future Metaverse. After developing all 4 worlds, Metaverse features will be started to apply in the 1st world to upgrade the users’ experience. Integrating real assets (Real Estate): At present, Atlantis has some real estate projects and is in the process of being deployed and integrated into the Game. Personalize users' experience: Marketplace provides a platform for users to connect with Artists to order characters according to their preferences and imagination.

Our Team has more done 10 years to work in the technology field and more than 4 years to work in the blockchain field.