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ANON's introduction of the ERC404 standard marks a significant leap in the NFT ecosystem by enhancing liquidity and fixing the rarity functionality issues present in the original 404 standard. This innovative standard combines the best of ERC20 and ERC721, allowing for a fluid market where traders can easily enter and exit without depending on auction mechanisms like those on OpenSea.

With ERC404, NFTs are likened to a deck of cards, where purchasing a token equates to randomly selecting an NFT from the deck. This token-NFT relationship ensures that when an NFT is sold, it's returned to the deck, addressing previous issues where the system failed to track the movement of NFTs, thereby affecting their rarity.

ANON's upgrade restores the ability to monitor which NFTs are in circulation, preserving their uniqueness and value. Additionally, this system supports auction sales, with both the NFT and associated tokens transferring to the buyer, enhancing liquidity.

A notable feature of ERC404 is its handling of token fractions. If buyers purchase less than a whole token (0.99 ANON or less), it locks the remaining NFTs in the deck, inadvertently increasing their rarity.

In summary, ANON's ERC404 introduces instant liquidity to NFTs, corrects previous standard errors, enhances rarity tracking, and establishes a new benchmark in blockchain technology.