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The Sleep-to-Earn protocol enables $SLEEP stakers to convert hours slept as tracked in our mobile App integrated sleep tracker into cryptocurrency, with Yield depending on the amount of $SLEEP staked. Stake your $SLEEP and get access to the Sleep-To-Earn protocol and compounded $BUSD and $SLEEP rewards. A flexible time lock is present in our contract, meaning that the longer you stake, the more you earn. A metaverse real estate simulation game in which the player can build his dream city on a cloud. The SleepVerse will provide passive income in $SLEEP depending on your city’s progression. Our alpha version will be composed of the Rabbit Museum, the Rabbit University and a Sports Podcast Stadium.

To enter the SleepVerse, you will need to own one of the 2500 NFT CloudLands as well as a SleepyRabbit NFT that will act as your Landlord.