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GPAD 価格の生配信データ

What Is (GPAD)? is a decentralized accelerator for gamefi and metaverse worlds. Main components are incubation, a decentralized launchpad, staking platform, nft genesispad, social hub and the GP-Score system

GPAD is the native utility token that is used for:

  • Staking to get into tiers for allocation of IDOs
  • Fees to withdraw yields early
  • Staking to get lottery tickets for NFT genesis sales
  • Store of value with deflation from the platform's profits
  • Liquidity to Bonds marketplace main mechanism will support the following chains: * ETH * BSC * SOLANA * AVALANCHE * NEAR * CHROMIA * and more

How Many GPAD tokens Are There in Circulation?

GPAD tokens supply is capped at 25m with a profits to burn deflationary mechanism.

Who Are the Founders of was started by Eric Su, who built Exnetwork Capital from scratch and grew to a $200m AUM fund.

Abhishek Rathod, a serial entrepreneur who started a game company in India and then a Poker academy came onboard as COO.

Davorin Bebek who was the CMO of, and came onboard as CMO soon after.