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DRIVEZ is a Web 3.0 lifestyle application and the first NFT DAO mixed up with GameFi and CommunityFi.

DRIVEZ’s solution is to make your everyday boring commuting become an enjoyable and effortless earning moment.

DRIVEZ is not encouraging users to drive more (and producing more emissions in the process), but we've found a way to make your daily driving valuable and use it to fight against air pollution and plant new trees around the world.

Our mission: Turning boring daily commuting into valuable earnings and joining hands to make our world greener!

PRODUCT VIABILITY There are some move-to-earn projects already launched. The biggest one is StepN but our model is different and unique among those projects. As we know from the market research, there are no move-to-earn projects about driving and benefit users from commuting. We also commit to use a part of our profit to do charity to save the environment.

Here is 5 points that make DRIVEZ standing out:

  1. The first NFT DAO - strong and unique with long-term vision The long-term vision of this project is that we focus on building a strong and unique NFT DAO in the blockchain world, which encourages the sense of buy-to-hold NFTs. We target people who love collecting NFTs, more specifically, here is car NFTs. DRIVEZ NFTs will soon be very rare and valuable because we only issue 50K including 30K sold in the public sale and the rest would be the special NFTs and will be sold a year later. These special NFTs are co-product with celebrities and big brand names in the world to make the NFTs more customized to the buyers.

  2. Mirroring NFT Mechanism - the next generation of NFT Minting and Breeding: Mirroring is the revolution of minting and breeding NFT, which allows users to use one of their vehicles to mirror and get the new NFT. Mirroring has less inflation than breeding or minting because there is a certain number of NFT will be mirrored everyday, this number will be calculated based on the number of users in application to make sure the NFT supply will not exceed the NFT demand.

3, Seamless in-app experience - Everything in one app DRIVEZ is a all-in-one application, you can drive-to-earn, trading NFT and swap your token in app so that the user experience is seamless.

  1. Lands The best highlight of the project - Lands - users are able to buy lands and build their own gas station/garage to earn from other users. DRIVEZ allows people to have passive income then earn more and more.

  2. Anti-inflation Mechanism Being different from other projects, DRIVEZ has a complete and powerful mechanism for anti-inflation in the app and this is the next highlight I would like to show you. We have 5 ways to control the inflation including: a. Charging fee from user action then burn or charity the token b. A well-designed auto-balance and anti-inflation control system c. NFT DAO control inflation by mirroring function d. Diversified token use cases e. And continuously fill the reward pool to reduce new token generating.