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2,251,290,000,000 NEXA
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2,251,290,000,000 NEXA
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21,000,000,000,000 NEXA
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Apr 02, 2023 (6 months ago)
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Sep 26, 2023 (6 days ago)
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Notizie su Nexa


Informazioni su Nexa

Nexa is a proof-of-work, UTXO Layer-1 Blockchain, with native tokens and smart contracts, that has the ability to scale for global P2P usage. By utilizing hardware to scale, Nexa removes two of the most important bottlenecks for scalability: Signatures and UTXO lookups.

Nexa employs technologies such as: Graphene, which reduces traffic overhead by reducing block overhead making block distribution more efficient. Xthinner, a new block propagation protocol that leverages the benefits of lexicographic transaction ordering (LTOR) to compress blocks by 99.6 percent. 0-conf, a permission-less technology to allow for instant transactions which don't require confirmations.

The team behind Nexa is Bitcoin Unlimited, who are veteran software and blockchain architects who were integral in the development of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash software and solutions