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GS1 Τιμή δεδομένων σε πραγματικό χρόνο

GS1 is a Multi-Utility web3 token for NFT GAMING STARS! And includes P2E games, AI, Walk2Earn app for IOS & Android devices, NFT’s, Staking, and more!

Dev is fully doxxed, KYC and AUDIT successfully done by SolidProof.

The team is focusing on multiple utilities all at once, with some games even being ready! They’re pushing for continues marketing, hype and a strong community as well!

PanCakeSwap Liquidity for GS1 is locked until 2033 (for 10 years)

The NFT Gaming Star platform is founded on concepts of openness, fairness, and immutability, removing the chance of fraud and allowing players to start earning in-game instead of buying, trading their time and effort for concrete. Our token is called GS1(short for Gaming Stars One) and it allows users to earn crypto by playing video games we are constantly developing.

The Stars Network unites NFT, Gaming, Decentralized exchange, and Metaverse, AR and AI community.