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kr 1,812,149,496
Volumen (24t.)


kr 413,275,588
Volumen/Markedsværdi (24 timer)
Cirkulerende forsyning
568,381,103 OCEAN
Samlede forsyning
1,408,900,141 OCEAN
Maksimale forsyning
1,410,000,000 OCEAN
Fuldt udvandet markedsværdi
kr 4,495,453,451
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24 timer 
Højeste nogensinde
Apr 10, 2021 (3 years ago)
Laveste nogensinde
Aug 11, 2019 (4 years ago)
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I overvågningslister216,990x
267th / 8.8K
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Om Ocean Protocol

1) Q. What Is Ocean Protocol (OCEAN)?

Ocean Protocol utilizes a combination of blockchain technology, decentralized networks, and cryptographic techniques to facilitate secure and privacy-preserving data sharing Our goal is to build the tools and services to facilitate a new Data Economy that gives data owners control while preserving privacy and helping to kickstart commercialization of data, including data marketplaces. Ocean Protocol was founded to build technology for a Data Economy at the intersection of blockchain, data, and AI. We have pioneered several technologies to push the envelope forward, including the original patent for NFTs, token engineering, data tokens, and others. Find more here - https://blog.oceanprotocol.com/mission-values-for-ocean-protocol-aba998e95b8

2) Q. Who Are the Founders of Ocean Protocol?

Founders combine a deep background in big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and data exchanges, with real-world business experience as entrepreneurs, designers, and technologists. Also, We have over 35 advisors spanning the globe, with recognized expertise in AI, blockchain, big data, business, and policy. Advisors were carefully selected based on an alignment of values toward unlocking data and AI for society

3) Q. What Makes Ocean Protocol Unique? Ocean Protocol unlocks access to data that would previously be unavailable or challenging to access, by allowing anybody with sought-after datasets to tokenize their data and make it available on the Ocean Market. This produces an additional income stream for data publishers while giving scientists, researchers, data analysts and anybody else access to more reliable data. Ocean Protocol provides the tools needed for firms to build and launch their own data markets, by either directly forking the Ocean Protocol, or by using the supplied Ocean Protocol React hooks. It also provides extensive documentation to assist with this process. Holders of OCEAN tokens can lock their ocean tokens at df.oceandao.org and can earn VeOcean. After that, they can either earn passive rewards by holding their veocean or can earn active rewards by staking their veocean on potentially selling datasets and can earn rewards.

More info at - https://docs.oceanprotocol.com/user-guides/data-farming

4) Q. How Many Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) Coins Are There in Circulation?

As of October 2023, 100% of the OCEAN token supply will be minted with the proceeds being deposited into oceanDAO multisignature wallets with seven signees. The signees are made up of core Ocean team members, Ocean community members, and founders of other web3 projects, with the core team members being in the minority of signees. You will find the necessary details here - https://bit.ly/46DefQW


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