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327,591 RISQ
92,000,000 RISQ

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What is RISQ Protocol ?

RISQ is an on-chain options trading DEX and AMM on Binance Smart Chain. RISQ Protocol offers decentralized financial products and services that empower users without barriers to entry. The project’s main goal is to provide a set of tools and Dapps for risk and asset management on multiple blockchains, including Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Ethereum, and more!

Features Include:

⦁Non-custodial 24/7 global options trading

⦁Verified on-chain settlement of each option contract

⦁Exercising is guaranteed by the liquidity locked on an option contract

⦁Censorship-resistant protocol without a KYC, email or registration required

⦁Earn higher than average yields as a liquidity provider

⦁On Platform Staking

What is the benefit of owning RISQ?

Staking Lots can be purchased for 10,000 RISQ. Staking Lots earn the settlement fees on every option bought in the underlying crypto asset. There are a limited number of staking lots available for each token.

How it Works?

Traders who write an option receive a fee, or premium, in exchange for giving the option buyer the right to buy or sell shares at specific price and date.

  1. Liquidity providers deposit tokens on which they wish to write (sell) options. LPs earn 100% of the premium (sale price) every time a call or put is purchased.

  2. Call and Put options are purchased in BNB, which is paid to the LPs. Buyers choose the strike price and pay a settlement fee of 1% to RISQ holders

  3. RISQ holders earn rewards in the underlying crypto they want to stake. These rewards can be claimed immediately after a call or put is purchased.

  4. Once an option is either exercised or expires the option premium P&L is distributed to Liquidity Providers. Withdraw profits with out having to remove Liquidity.

  5. An option contract can be exercised before the expiration time either to take a profit if it is in the money or at a loss if it is out of the money.

6.Buyers choose an expiration time of 1 day to 4 weeks. If an option is out of the money at expiration it expires worthless and 100% of the premium paid is released to LPs