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781,300 OCTO
777,796 OCTO
1,000,000 OCTO

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What Is Octorand (OCTO)?

Octorand is an ecosystem made up of a collection of configurable NFTs known as Primes (1,000 Gen1 Primes and 8,000 Gen2 Primes) and the deflationary currency OCTO. Each Prime is an Algorand Standard Asset (ASA) that has 8 (Gen1) or 16 (Gen2) letter traits, stored on the Algorand Blockchain. In the initial application, these traits can be transformed to spell words and phrases to earn badges and score points in a gamified competition.

The ecosystem features a growing number of dApps - the initial application “Octoword” will be joined by the second dApp “Octodraw” in Q4 2022 with more dApps to follow.

OCTO is the native utility token that is used to pay for all transactions within the Octorand ecosystem

  • Fees for changing the letter attributes of Primes
  • Fees for changing the artwork of Primes
  • Fees to upvote / downvote Primes
  • Fees to use the on-chain messaging facility which allows wallets in Algorand to message Prime owners
  • Fees to store pixel art frames in the upcoming Octodraw dApp

Being a deflationary token, OCTO is also a store of value.

How Many OCTO Coins Are There in Circulation?

Who Are the Founders of Octorand?

Where Can I Buy OCTO?