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NeoWorld Cash NeoWorld Cash (NASH)

0.000097 USD (-4.24%)
9.491e-09 BTC (-3.02%)
0.00000050 ETH (-5.74%)

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1,996,467 USD
196 BTC
10,392 ETH
201,903 USD
19.77 BTC
1,051 ETH
20,601,887,303 NASH
100,000,000,000 NASH
100,000,000,000 NASH

NeoWorld Cash 市场

# 来源 配对 交易量(24小时) 价格 交易量(%) 分类 费用种类 更新时间
1 CoinTiger NASH/ETH $105,909 $0.000094 52.46% Spot Percentage 最近
2 Bithumb Global NASH/USDT $91,832 $0.000100 45.48% Spot Percentage 4小时前
3 DragonEX NASH/ETH $4,161 $0.000102 2.06% Spot Percentage 最近
4 CoinExchange NASH/BTC $0 $0.000306 0.00% Spot Percentage 最近

NeoWorld Cash社交媒体动态

NeoWorld Cash的工具




FCAS stands for Fundamental Crypto Asset Score, a single, consistently comparable value for measuring cryptocurrency project health. FCAS measures User Activity, Developer Behavior and Asset Maturity.

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关于NeoWorld Cash

NeoWorld describes itself as a multiplayer online sandbox game based on blockchain technology. In Unity-Powered 3D virtual environment, players purchase lands, construct buildings, invest, and operate businesses. NeoWorld is also a social platform where players can chat, manage communities, and accumulate wealth. NASH is used for transactions and settlements in NeoWorld. Nash is an Ethereum token based on ERC223 standards and compatible with ERC20 standards.

NASH is the virtual currency supporting the NeoWorld economy. All transactions in the NeoWorld are conducted via NASH and the values are stored in NASH, such as investments in buildings, lands, or businesses and projects, productions and merchandises. Salaries and rewards are paid in NASH as well. The global and regional fiscal policies, such as tax levels, budgets, and fiscal surplus are recorded and computed in NASH as well.

NeoWorld Cash统计数据
NeoWorld Cash价格 0.000097 USD
NeoWorld Cash投资回报率 -1.40%
市场排名 #700
市值 1,996,467 USD
24小时交易量 201,903 USD
流通供给量 20,601,887,303 NASH
总供给量 100,000,000,000 NASH
最大供给量 100,000,000,000 NASH
历史最高纪录 0.000316 USD
历史最低纪录 0.000097 USD
52周最高纪录/最低纪录 0.000316 USD /
0.000097 USD
90天高纪录/最低纪录 0.000279 USD /
0.000097 USD
30天高纪录/最低纪录 0.000223 USD /
0.000097 USD
7天高纪录/最低纪录 0.000124 USD /
0.000097 USD
24小时高纪录/最低纪录 0.000111 USD /
0.000097 USD
昨日高纪录/最低纪录 0.000109 USD /
0.000097 USD
昨日开盘价/收盘价 0.000103 USD /
0.000106 USD
昨日变化 $0.000003 USD (+2.68%)
昨日交易量 $193,080 USD