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Factom Factom (FCT)

3.72 USD (5.34%)
0.00044734 BTC (5.76%)

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36,523,715 USD
4,395 BTC
51,803 USD
6.23 BTC
9,825,266 FCT

Factom 市场

# 来源 配对 交易量(24小时) 价格 交易量(%) 分类 费用种类 更新时间
1 Bittrex FCT/BTC $23,507 $3.74 45.38% Spot Percentage 最近
2 Poloniex FCT/BTC $20,658 $3.70 39.88% Spot Percentage 最近
3 Upbit FCT/BTC $7,048 $3.74 13.61% Spot Percentage 最近
4 DigiFinex FCT/BTC $589 $3.25 1.14% Spot Percentage 最近
5 Bit-Z FCT/BTC $0 $3.57 0.00% Spot Percentage 最近
6 Liquid FCT/ETH $0 $9.19 0.00% Spot Percentage 最近
7 Liquid FCT/BTC $0 $2.76 0.00% Spot Percentage 最近






FCAS stands for Fundamental Crypto Asset Score, a single, consistently comparable value for measuring cryptocurrency project health. FCAS measures User Activity, Developer Behavior and Asset Maturity.

Find out more about FCAS | Request Historical FCAS data via CSV




The Factom Protocol describes itself as an 'open source, decentralized data integrity protocol built by an international coalition of companies that extends the security of blockchain to any data type'. The protocol is reportedly easy to integrate with any system, thereby providing a low, fixed cost source of indisputable truth and verification for business and government.

The fixed cost and dual token design of the protocol reportedly enables subscription models where customers do not have to hold tokens despite their being used automatically in the background. The team views the Factom protocol as a global utility for companies to provide seamless access to applications with no unnecessary interaction with the integrated, underlying technology.

The vision of the team is for the Factom protocol to 'enable a future where users are able to trust their documents, digital data, and all network connected “things” while allowing developers to create new, world-changing applications'.

Factom价格 3.72 USD
Factom投资回报率 +1667.79%
市场排名 #93
市值 36,523,715 USD
24小时交易量 51,803 USD
流通供给量 9,825,266 FCT
总供给量 9,825,266 FCT
最大供给量 无数据
历史最高纪录 87.16 USD
历史最低纪录 0.070891 USD
52周最高纪录/最低纪录 18.57 USD /
2.64 USD
90天高纪录/最低纪录 4.57 USD /
2.64 USD
30天高纪录/最低纪录 4.13 USD /
2.64 USD
7天高纪录/最低纪录 3.78 USD /
3.05 USD
24小时高纪录/最低纪录 3.78 USD /
3.46 USD
昨日高纪录/最低纪录 3.60 USD /
3.44 USD
昨日开盘价/收盘价 3.47 USD /
3.53 USD
昨日变化 $0.061502 USD (+1.77%)
昨日交易量 $48,376 USD