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Jul 29, 2023 (2 months ago)
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STEM - is a sports team statistics token exchange. The best sports teams are represented on the exchange, and each of them has its own token. The price of these tokens is formed based on the results of the game of the teams themselves, ratings and the cost of the players. This gives all sports fans a unique user experience. Based on the analysis of future events or matches of a football club, users can make a decision at the trading.

STEM is changing the betting world, because now you don't have to risk money when betting on sports, you can invest in tokens football teams with minimal risk.

STEMX is an internal token of the STEM ecosystem, which includes various products that complement the exchange. The STEMX token participates in all trading pairs with football clubs on the exchange. It can be sent to a farming and receive income. Using STEMX, you can pay fees for transactions within the exchange, buy NTF or pay for various premium services within the project. In addition, the token will become an element of voting and management within the STEM ecosystem.