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Financial Intelligence Group has rebranded its ticker from ATBFIG to FIG & migrated from old contract to new contract. For more details, kindly check the official announcement here.

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FIG Fiyatı Canlı Veri

FIG is the BEP20 token created on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that is used within games released by ATB Games Inc. as the basis for all of ecosystem’s transactions and interactions.

Mainly, as no previous experience or interest in blockchain or cryptocurrencies is required, FIG aims at fully developing the potential of blockchain economy, while abstracting its complexity from the users. We will bring non-crypto users to the blockchain world through mobile games.

The FIG ecosystem allows players to own a piece of our gaming while creating a simple way to benefit from their playing time. We are aiming to bring non-crypto users to the blockchain world. In order to achieve that we believe the system should be transparent to the users as much as possible. Our ecosystem combines various types of games and revolutionary ability of blockchain with NFTs to offer players control of the content they make.

Our mission is to build a system where creators will be able to craft, play, share, and trade without central control, enjoying secure copyright ownership with the ability to earn FIG.