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Doge Rocket is a token that rewards holders with Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) Dogecoin. This is continuously raised through a 5% tax, which is incurred during each trade of the token. Our rewards system will disincentivise holders from selling whilst also providing them with passive income, producing benefits from high volume periods, without the requirement to sell. Doge Rocket holders will receive rewards periodically and automatically. Our community provides a lounge and communal voice chat experience, which has a unique aura, welcoming members from our diverse global community.

Additionally, on top of the incredible contract features, we will also spread the Doge Rocket movement, using traditional marketing methods, organic growth and using community incentives and sessions. The team also wishes to pursue website development, including a dividends tracker., providing holders with information and a means of sharing the quantity of dogecoins received.

Our coin launched on the 4th November 2020 at 17:00UTC, seamlessly with no issues. This was the following day from our presale hosted on the launchpad. The hardcap was 100BNB and 35BNB was also raised from private investors before this. Maximum token supply of Doge Rocket is 100,000,000,000 tokens (100 billion). Our circulating supply will also change due to some of the supply being allocated for future burns. It is currently 100billion tokens. There is a transaction tax of 13% incurred during each transaction. They are as follows: 5% dogecoin rewards- distributed proportionately to holders- based upon holding size, 4% is sent to the marketing wallet to increase the tokens outreach, 2% goes to a development wallet for the team and product development, and lastly 3% will be added to liquidity to ensure a stable and controlled growth. The initial supply was distributed as follows: 2% from the initial supply to the development wallets, 13.2% goes to private sale investors, 40% presale, 2% marketing. The remainder was available for people buying the launch using BNB.

Our team is full of experienced blockchain developers with many previous merits. These are primarily, but not limited to the Binance Smart Chain. The project owner and CEO is Harry Ramsbottom, who oversees the making of most daily decisions and coordinating the rest of the core and extended team members. Doge Rockets blockchain developer is Tarun Chawla, a highly experienced coder, who developed the token on Solidity software. His experience ensured a smooth launch for the token, and he provides additional support, for the team’s new development ideas and ensures token holder support. Another key member is Jay Sayers. He has a multitude of technological experiences, but his lead role in Doge Rocket persists as a marketing manager or CMO. He is deeply intertwined in the cryptocurrency social media space and his ties produce fantastic promotions causing token community growth.