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CGS Fiyatı Canlı Veri

CGS Intro As the platform token, CGS will be used to build a comprehensive ecosystem. Eco fund will focus on incubating more IP games to create a stronger ecosystem and enable all gladiator NFT to be circulated in more scenarios. Early participants can be rewarded with CGS, besides, players at early stage are able to upgrade gladiators and equipment, combat for lands, land owners will get CGS as continuous yield.

CGS circulation would make great progress after more IP games are developed, making it more valuable with the support of ecosystem.

This token system (CGS & CGD) ensures users to have the best experience and maximize their passive income with the backup of strong ecosystem. More participants means Crypto Gladiator can create a positive circle for the development, which is going to be beneficial to every one participated.

What makes Crypto Gladiator different from traditional games is not only because it's game on-chain, but the token economy guarantees players have fun with considerable earning.

Crypto Gladiator is the experiment which connects game and blockchain, its success represents that the decentralization can be fully achieved no matter where you are from and the assets can be completely secured by the innovative technology.