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CoW Protocol / TRY fiyat grafiği

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Cow-protocol istatistikleri

Piyasa değeri 
4466th / 10.1K
Hacim (24s) 
3246th / 10.1K
Hacim/Piyasa değeri (24s) 
Açıklanan dolaşımdaki arz 
90,248,540.29 COW
Toplam arz 
1,000,000,000 COW
Maks. arz 
1,000,000,000 COW
Tam seyreltilmiş piyasa değeri 
COW / TRY fiyat dönüştürücü
Fiyat performansı
Tüm zamanların zirvesi
Apr 02, 2022 (a year ago)
Tüm zamanların en düşüğü
Nov 09, 2022 (7 months ago)
İzleme listesinde1,126x
5901st / 10.1K

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CoW Protocol Hakkında

Instead of directly executing trades on-chain, users only sign their swap intention and delegate the execution to so-called solvers (aka relayers in other protocols). Solvers bid on the best possible exchange rate in order to win the right to settle trades. By batching multiple trades together in order to create CoWs (Coincidence of Wants), solvers can save on gas costs, AMM fees and execution risk. Therefore CoWs lead to structurally better prices than on any existing DEX aggregator. In the absence of CoWs solvers fall back to using the best possible on-chain route, by comparing quotes from leading aggregators.

COW token allows its holders the right to govern and curate the infrastructure of the CoW Protocol ecosystem through the CowDAO. Additionally, COW token holders receive fee discounts when trading on CowSwap & some other perks.


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