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96,000,000 TBAKE
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96,000,000 TBAKE

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Bakerytools is a central hub & trading tool for Binance chain pairs & pool explorer and a hotspot for Private and pre-sale listings.

We provide Real time Data Analysis , Multiple Pairs and Pools and HotSpot.

HotSpot is for Private and pre-sale enthusiast it is a place for projects who wants to broadcast their projects private and pre-sale.

Pre- Sale 35M – No vesting Period Private Sale 25M – 50% initial Unlock followed by 50% after 1 month. Liquidity 20M – Locked Team 10M – 10% initial unlock then 10% unlock every 3 months. Marketing 10M- 20% initial unlock followed by 10% every 3 months

Total Supply: 100M TBAKE