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kr 780,723
Volym (24 h) 


kr 2,164
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Självrapporterat cirkulerande utbud 
1,024,891,309 WAR
Totalt utbud 
3,080,805,419 WAR
Max. tillgång 
3,176,969,696 WAR
Helt utspätt marknadsvärde (HUM eller FDMC) 
kr 2,420,095
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24 h 
Högsta någonsin
Jun 02, 2023 (4 months ago)
Lägsta någonsin
Sep 11, 2023 (15 days ago)
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5057th / 9.1K
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Nyheter om Water Rabbit Token


Om Water Rabbit Token

What is the project about?

Water Rabbit Token ($WAR) is an innovative cryptocurrency developed by Shanvere DAO. Our project's primary objective is to position $WAR as a widely recognized and utilized currency in the digital assets space. We envision $WAR as a trusted medium of exchange, store of value, and unit of account, going beyond the conventional role of cryptocurrencies.

What makes your project unique?

Unlike many other cryptocurrencies, $WAR is not simply another 'memecoin'. It is a part of a greater mission to reshape the landscape of digital currencies. We are actively collaborating with top-tier institutions to establish $WAR as a credible and trusted financial instrument in the digital economy. Our vision and partnerships set us apart, giving us a unique positioning in the cryptosphere.

History of your project.

The $WAR project was launched on the 27th of July, 2022, beginning its journey on the Binance Smart Chain. Our token has since been listed on various platforms, including Pancakeswap, Poocoin, Bogged.finance, and P2B, thus gaining significant exposure and recognition in the cryptocurrency market.

What’s next for your project?

The future of $WAR is full of potential and expansion. We are continuously working towards forming new strategic partnerships, increasing our token's utility, and further enhancing its recognition as a valid currency. Our vision is for $WAR to be more than just another cryptocurrency, but an integral part of the evolving financial landscape.

What can your token be used for?

$WAR's primary use case is to function as a digital currency. Users can leverage it as a medium of exchange, store of value, and unit of account. Our ongoing collaborations with top institutions aim to significantly expand the utility of $WAR, making it a versatile token within the digital asset ecosystem. As we progress, we expect to see $WAR adopted in various financial and commercial scenarios, driving its value and significance in the digital economy.