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kr 7,825,633
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50,994,674 OVR
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Nov 16, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Jan 12, 2021 (3 years ago)
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Nyheter om OVR



What is Over the Reality (OVER)?

OVER is an unparalleled Web3 Spatial Computing platform that merges the physical and virtual worlds through geo-localized Augmented Reality (AR). It's a visionary space where creators and brands converge to build the next evolution of the Internet—the Spatial Web. This transformation unlocks our existing web experience to create immersive, three-dimensional marvels that exist anywhere and at any time. The physical realm transforms into a digital canvas, enriched by limitless possibilities for play, social interaction, and commerce.

OVER introduces a digital layer enveloping the physical world, comprising trillions of hexagon-shaped digital lands, known as OVRLands. These represent spatial domains, much like web domains control their webpages' content. In OVER, owning an OVRLand NFT grants control over the AR content displayed in 3D at specific geographic coordinates. OVRLand empowers users to forge unique geo-localized experiences that seamlessly bridge our physical and digital realities.

At the heart of the Decentralized Physical Infrastructure (DePIN) movement, OVER's revolutionary Map2Earn™ program leverages the OVR token to incentivize community members to create detailed 3D maps of physical locations—OVRMaps—using just their smartphones. Participants can choose to mint their 3D data into an OVRMap NFT, retaining ownership, or sell it directly to OVER, thereby engaging in the Map2Earn incentive program. OVRMaps, serving as digital twins of the physical world, are vital for enabling spatial computation. They allow for remote, real-time exploration and precise indoor and outdoor re-localization, marking a significant leap from traditional to spatial computing.

Dedicated to cross-platform interoperability, OVER supports real-time augmented reality features, AI avatars, motion-captured interactions, and hyperrealistic NFT assets. With over 1.2 million registered users, 870,000+ OVRLands sold to more than 30,000 unique wallets, 20,000+ AR experiences uploaded, and 28,000 OVRMaps representing 9 million 3D mapped square meters, OVER is redefining the decentralized AR ecosystem in Web3. Discover more at www.overthereality.ai.

Who are the founders of Over the Reality?

What makes Over the Reality unique?

The OVR Token

The OVRLand

Pioneering the DePIN Movement: OVER leads with its revolutionary Map2Earn™ program, utilizing the OVR token to incentivize community-driven creation of detailed 3D maps (OVRMaps) with just smartphones. This initiative empowers users to either retain ownership of their 3D data by minting it into an OVRMap NFT or sell it directly to OVER, encouraging widespread participation.

Global Community of Digital Cartographers: OVER boasts 1.2 million registered users worldwide. A dedicated network among them has captured over 14 million geo-localized pictures, contributing to a staggering 36 TB of data. This collective effort has produced more than 28,000 OVRMaps, covering a total area of 9 million square meters.

Unprecedented 3D Mapping Initiative: The Map2Earn program stands as the most ambitious 3D mapping initiative within the DePIN ecosystem, pushing the boundaries of digital twin creation and participatory mapping. OVER is redefining global mapping in three dimensions, leading in the decentralization of information and democratization of digital spaces.

Seamless AR and VR Experiences: OVRMaps enable precise AR re-localization and remote exploration of digital twins, blurring the lines between augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) experiences.

Intuitive AR Content Publishing: OVER's user-friendly platform makes publishing AR content simple and intuitive with a drag’n’drop browser experience welcoming builders of all skill levels. For those looking to build more interactive AR experiences, the OVER Unity SDK enables developers to easily take advantage of all Unity Engine features and build dynamic experiences. The SDK allows developers to easily integrate major 3D model formats like fbx, dae, 3ds, dxf, and obj, create hyperrealistic interactions and animations, and take advantage of Unity’s physics engines - activating them through triggers or buttons.

Interoperability: OVER embraces assets from all platforms, from simple 2D/3D files to any NFT with open links to the underlying file. Also, OVER allows for the AR control of rigged NFT assets such as Sandbox characters.

Photorealistic Avatars: by simply taking a selfie, you can teleport yourself in the metaverse, you’ll also be able to personalize your Avatar with cross-metaverse NFT clothes.

Live Events: OVER supports live events with full body language expressivity thanks to body tracking suits and webcam body tracking systems. Currently, the platform can accomodate 200k+ concurrent avatars sharded in rooms of 50.

Innovative AI Avatars: OVER is developing customizable AI Avatars powered by state-of-the-art Open Source NLP models, with comparable capabilities to GPT-4. You’ll be able to deploy your personalized AR AI Avatars, choosing memories, character and knowledge.

Empowerment Through Web3: Built on Web3 technology, OVER enables creators to publish and fully own their content via NFTs, ensuring fair rewards and opportunities for contributors to the OVER metaverse.