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The BAS token has been migrated to Arcas token. Find more details here.

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kr 79,041,100
Volym (24 h)


kr 57,681
Volym/marknadsvärde (24h)
Självrapporterat cirkulerande utbud
100,000,000 ARCAS
Totalt utbud
100,000,000 ARCAS
Max. tillgång
100,000,000 ARCAS
Helt utspätt marknadsvärde (HUM eller FDMC)
kr 79,041,100
ARCAS till SEK - valutaomvandlare
24 h 
Högsta någonsin
Nov 25, 2021 (2 years ago)
Lägsta någonsin
Oct 26, 2023 (4 months ago)
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I bevakningslistor12,143x
1846th / 8.8K
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The BAS token has been migrated to Arcas token. Find more details here.

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Nyheter om Arcas


Om Arcas

Block Ape Scissors is a Binance backed and incubated Gaming studio focused on the innovation and development of value driven blockchain gaming.

There are a number of products under the BAS Umbrella:

Arcas Champions is a competitive objective based third-person ability shooter built on Unreal Engine 5 and with an emphasis on teamwork and synergies.

The game uses in-house developed Skillstaking, a novel protocol designed to break the barriers of eSports by leveraging the trustless nature of the blockchain, empower Gamers to have control over their games and allow for a more efficient ascent to professional gaming through the tokenisation of ranked matchmaking score (MMR) - a Real World Asset

Our approach is to harmoniously separate the aspects of Gaming and Investing. Gamers don’t need the token and can enter Free-to-Play, However, by purchasing in-game Champions that they can level up and customise - they can play more competitively.

Rank (MMR) is written on-chain and allows $ARCAS token holders to back players and unlock revenue share. By doing so - Players are delegated voting power for game development and direction and earn a performance fee on the yield generated by their stakers.

In addition, Governance is handled by the Arcas Council by way of the $ARCAS token, helping to support players in the game through a "Compete and Earn" framework made possible through SkillStaking.