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Оборотное предложение
192,111,677 DOE
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940,000,000 DOE
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1,000,000,000 DOE

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Dogs Of Elon (DOE) Token

$DOE the powerful ERC20 that fuels the ecosystem. $DOE is a community-focused, DeFi cryptocurrency token, and the companion to the Dogs Of Elon NFTs. $DOE can be staked to passively earn more $DOE, renDOGE and $SHIBA.

Token Saftey To ensure saftey we have had the $DOE token contract and the Dogs Of Elon NFT contract audited by CertiK. The $DOE contract doesn't contain any potentially hazardous code like mint functions, i.e. The supply is fixed at 1,000,000,000 $DOE.

Further more, once we have deposited staking rewards in the the pools we will renounce ownership of that contract, ensuring rewards cannot be withdrawn or the reward modified.

What does the future look for $DOE? With a great community the sky is the limit. We have some great things planned.