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What Is Bazaars (BZR)?

Bazaars has created a decentralized peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplace, released BZR, an ERC20 token, on the Ethereum main net and is currently developing the Bazaars Blockchain and Bazaars Wallet. Bazaars app is available for download on iOS and Google Play Stores. The marketplace allows high-value items, vehicles and properties to be exchanged for various cryptocurrencies. BZR is an ERC20 token that is deployed on the Ethereum main net and can be transacted by anyone, anywhere at any time. All BZR transactions, blocks, wallet addresses, smart contracts, and on-chain data are securely stored and recorded and are viewable open source on Etherscan. BZR token holders will receive a percentage of profits from the Bazaars app market place and can transact peer-to-peer with anyone in the world.

Bazaars marketplace app features are: * Users can list their property, vehicle or item completely free. * Available in 48 countries. * Buyers and Sellers contact each other directly. * Bazaars app and the community are constantly moderating to ensure an easy and secure process. * Customer service is available 24/7 through Telegram and WhatsApp. * Aramex ensuring a smooth collection, delivery and tracking process. * Coinbase payments gateway with all payments made through Coinbase Commerce. * BZR tokens can be used on the app to purchase items. * Users can invite friends to download the app and earn 0.05 BZR for every download they get.

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