Criptomoedas:  12,048Trocas:  411Cap. de Mercado:  R$9,864,132,133,823Vol 24h:  R$714,430,863,259Dominância:  BTC: 42.6% ETH: 18.4%Gás do ETH:  54 Gwei
Criptomoedas:  12,048Trocas:  411Cap. de Mercado:  R$9,864,132,133,823Vol 24h:  R$714,430,863,259Dominância:  BTC: 42.6% ETH: 18.4%Gás do ETH:  54 Gwei
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Hertz NetworkHTZ

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Preço de Hertz Network (HTZ)


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HTZ  Hertz Network HTZ
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5.24B HTZ
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HTZ Preço em Tempo Real

O preço de agora de Hertz Network de hoje é de R$0.000826 BRL com um volume de negociação em 24 horas de R$515,657 BRL. Hertz Network subiu 0.27% nas últimas 24 horas. A classificação atual na CoinMarketCap é de #1788, com uma capitalização de mercado de R$4,327,480 BRL. Há um fornecimento em circulação de 5,238,410,649 HTZ moedas e no máximo. fornecimento não está disponível

As principais corretoras para negociação de Hertz Network atualmente são IndoEx, XT.COM, Cat.Ex, Dex-Trade, e . Você pode encontrar outras listagens em nossa .

What Is Hertz Network (HTZ)?

Launched in February 2021, Hertz Network is a fast, feeless and DeFi blockchain protocol allowing users to create custom tokens almost instantly and exchange them on the Hertz Network Defi Platform (available Q3 2021). The network incorporates various features that make it suitable for real-world usage, and for users both inside and outside the crypto world.

Hertz Coin (HTZ) is the native currency of the Hertz Network blockchain, and is swappable with HTZ BEP-20 or HTZ ERC-20 at supporting exchanges.

Who Are the Founders of Hertz Network?

Hertz Network is a community project and team members are volunteers from the community. The Hertz Network team currently comprises 12 people with different professional backgrounds from various parts of the world.

What Makes Hertz Network Unique?

The Hertz Network runs on its own blockchain and incorporates various features that make it unique from most crypto projects in the market.

The 6 key strengths that differentiate Hertz Network from other projects are:


Hertz Network has a block time of 0.5 second, and takes around 50 seconds to confirm a transaction (become irreversible). The network is among the fastest blockchain networks in the market.


Users can easily send and receive feeless transactions on the Hertz Network with user-friendly HTZ desktop, mobile or web wallet.


The Hertz Network DeFi Platform, to be launched in Q3 2021, will allow users to swap HTZ with HNC-20 tokens (tokens built on Hertz Network). Any HNC-20 token can be added to the Hertz Network DeFi Platform.


Users can create cryptocurrency/token (HNC-20) on Hertz Network blockchain by using token creation tool at It will take seconds to create an HNC-20 token.

HNC-20 is the official token protocol for the Hertz Network. HNC stands for Hertz Network Chain, and 20 is the unique identifier - a common standard for creating tokens on the Hertz Network blockchain.

HNC20 tokens are stored and sent using Hertz Network blockchain addresses and transactions. As with Hertz Coin (HTZ), HNC-20 token transactions are feeless.

In order to create an HNC-20 token to be supported by Hertz Network digital wallets, 3 items below are required.

  1. Token Name
  2. Token Symbol
  3. Token Supply


HTZ AUTOSTAKING is a hassle-free reward system for HTZ holders. It differs from regular staking in that the rewards are paid monthly and are not dependent on having an open wallet with the staking function enabled. Essentially, your wallet can be closed and your coins could even be moved, until the time of the snapshot when they would need to be present in your wallet in order to get the AUTOSTAKE rewards.

Simply hold 500,000 HTZ or more in an eligible wallet account at the time of the snapshot, and AUTOSTAKE rewards will be automatically sent to your wallet account. Snapshots will be taken every 25th day of each month at 5:00PM GMT, and AUTOSTAKE rewards will be distributed in the 1st week of the following month.

The monthly AUTOSTAKE rewards will be 2% per month (compound interest of 26.82% per year), and then decreasing 0.15% each year after 2022. All AUTOSTAKE rewards will be fully distributed in 2027.


HTZ is one of a few cryptocurrencies besides USDT that can be swapped between different chains at supporting exchanges.

Users can choose the desirable chain type (HTZ, HTZ ERC-20, or HTZ BEP-20) that suits their trading preference or wallet usage during the deposit or withdrawal at supporting exchanges including,, and

HTZ BEP-20 contract address: 0xb5BBA78B4dF2D47DD46078514a3e296AB3c344Fe HTZ ERC-20 contract address: 0x0f7e1e6c9b67972a0ab31f47ab3e94b60be37d86

Learn more about Hertz Network here Learn more about Hertz Autostaking here Learn more about HNC-20 Token here Learn more about Hertz Ecosystem here Learn more about Hertz Video Turorials here Learn more about Hertz Road Map here

How Many Hertz Network (HTZ) Coins Are There in Circulation?

The current circulating supply of HTZ is around 7.86 billion.

The autostake rewards totaling 20.26 billion will be distributed to HTZ holders monthly at 2% per month (compound interest of 26.82% per year), and then decreasing 0.15% each year after 2022. All AUTOSTAKE rewards will be fully distributed in 2027.

When HTZ ERC-20 token or HTZ BEP-20 token is released to the circulation for the cross-chain swap, an equal amount of native HTZ coin is sent to a locked wallet “recyclehertz” to ensure that the total circulating supply of HTZ in all chains remains the same.

How Is Hertz Network Secured?

The Hertz Network mainnet is developed based on EOSIO software, and is secured through Delegated Proof of Stake (dPoS) consensus.

Where Can You Buy Hertz Network (HTZ)?

Buying HTZ is easy because it has BEP-20 and ERC-20 alternatives. HTZ is currently listed on 7 exchanges including: HTZ, HTZ BEP-20, and HTZ ERC-20 HTZ, HTZ BEP-20, and HTZ ERC-20 HTZ, HTZ BEP-20, and HTZ ERC-20 HTZ HTZ Pancakeswap: HTZ BEP-20 Uniswap: HTZ ERC-20

*Users can easily swap between HTZ, HTZ BEP-20, and HTZ ERC-20 at,, and



Hertz Network



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HTZ Estatísticas de Preços

Hertz Network Preço Hoje
Preço de Hertz NetworkR$0.0008261
Alternância de Preço24hR$0.00001725
Baixas nas 24h / Altas nas 24h
R$0.0007802 /
Volume de Trading24hR$515,666.59
Volume / Capitalização de Mercado0.1192
Dominância no Mercado0.00%
Ranking no mercado#1788
Hertz Network Capitalização de Mercado
Cap. de MercadoR$4,327,563.30
Capitalização de Mercado Totalmente DiluídaR$23,988,336.83
Hertz Network Preço Ontem
Mínima / Máxima de Ontem
R$0.0007705 /
Abertura / Fechamento de ontem
R$0.0007897 /
Mudança de ontem


Volume de ontemR$506,722.99
Hertz Network Histórico de preços
Mínima / Máxima de 7 dias
R$0.0007791 /
Mínima / Máxima de 30 dias
R$0.0007705 /
Mínima / Máxima de 90 dias
R$0.0007705 /
Mínima / Máxima de 52 Semanas
R$0.0007705 /
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Jul 18, 2021 (2 months ago)
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Sep 21, 2021 (a day ago)
ROI de Hertz Network
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Hertz Network Fornecem
Fornecimento Circulante5,238,410,649 HTZ
Fornecimento Total29,037,301,331 HTZ
Fornecimento MáximoSem Dados