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Citizen Finance is a multi-chain ecosystem powering the next generation NFT-based utilities in gaming, art and decentralized finance. Citizen Finance’s applications include a Staking and Lending Protocol (Santa Fe), an NFT Marketplace (CiFi Powa), an Augmented Reality Mobile App (Powa X) and an FPS, Metalands.

With the aim to accelerate the world's transition into nfts and immersive technologies, Citizen Finance provides cheap and easy-to-use tools to encourage mass adoption.


Decentralized First Person Shooter Metaverse with NFT and Play to Earn mechanism. Metalands which is based on a fictional island with 14 districts enables players develope their Bunker (a semi-built 3D environment) with content such as art, media, furnitures and minigames. Players will be able to host events, invite other players and also monetize contents on their bunker.

While most FPS games currently denies players ownership right to their in-game assets, Metalands will enable playershave full ownership of their items using blockchain technology. All in-game assets on Metalands are ERC-721 token (NFT) which can be withdrawn from the game. Players can sell, stake or use as collateral.