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kr 52,927,547
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kr 1,997,134
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Sirkulerende forsyning
219,208,619 WSI
Total forsyning
1,293,807,447 WSI
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kr 312,387,598
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Jan 07, 2023 (a year ago)
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Oct 13, 2023 (4 months ago)
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1369th / 8.8K
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Om WeSendit

We are a Swiss company from Zug #cryptovalley and have been the Swiss market leader in the transfer and processing of digital data for 10 years now. Our Team are different talents united bythe same goal: A real, adequate protection for the privacy of our 3.5 million customers.

With decentralized Web 3.0 technologies, we are creating the data processing tools of a new generation. User-friendly, reliable and above all – secure. Several billion pieces of user data are traded worldwide every day. They are sold without the persons’ knowledge and misused for advertising purposes.

We find: Next to our fundamental rights, personal data is the most valuable asset in the digital age. They, therefore, deserve special protection – in the interest of all citizens. No state or organization in the world should know everything about your salary, consumer behavior, or social environment. We want your data and personal information online to be safe finally. We are joining all our forces to achieve this:

With over 10 years of experience and exceptional expertise in mathematical and technical fields, we are creating the encrypted communications of the future. With WeSendit 3.0, we develop decentralized user tools that respect your privacy and offer the highest security against cyberattacks.

Our goal with WeSendit 3.0 We want to inspire our 3.5 million users from over 150 countries (as of March 2022) to switch to user-friendly premium services.

For this, we will:

-further, increase our traffic in a fast-growing market environment -increase the attractiveness of our service: Using blockchain technology, we protect the privacy of data transfers, transactions and other activities -leverage viral marketing and targeted key account partner management for corporate customers and licensees to generate strong growth.

Since the launch of in 2013, we have built a professional and efficient structure and analyzed – and evaluated – comprehensive fundamental data from centralized as well as decentralized application areas. We will develop our unique selling propositions and market them globally.

The focus for the current fiscal year:

-Expansion of existing functionalities -Development of decentralized file sharing features -The rollout of a global marketing concept enables national and international companies to offer their customers secure and high-performance storage network solutions for their data.